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Odessa, Harrington appear to be at an impasse re sports co-op


After several months of community meetings, discussions between the administrations of the two schools involved and plenty of traffic back and forth via social media, it would appear that the sports cooperative between Odessa and Harrington that began so optimistically only a few short years ago is now on life support. Even Odessa’s superintendent Dan Read, up until about a month ago one of the most vocal supporters of the co-op and an advocate for working out any differences to the satisfaction of all, indicated that he believed the two schools to be at an impasse following the April 12 meeting with Harrington’s leadership and their final response to an Odessa proposal on May 15 outlining their demands.

Approximately 50 people attended the regularly scheduled school board meeting on May 24 in the high school library, where a lengthy discussion ensued with several members of the audience providing input. Read provided all who attended with a side-by-side comparison of the proposals from each of the two schools (see sidebar).

Already in April, Read had said he felt compelled to submit Odessa’s proposal to Harrington to address inefficiencies in the scheduling of practices and games and their resulting costs. While the Odessa School District awaited a response to its proposal, it became apparent through news articles in the Davenport Times that many Harrington citizens continued to be unhappy with various aspects of the co-op. The Times reported that the school administration in Harrington had already been in contact with the Davenport School District regarding participation in their sports programs.

Board members voted to accept Harrington’s Option B to dissolve the cooperative and to effectively and equitably divide assets. The motion voted on by the board included a statement that Harrington students would be welcome to participate in future Odessa sports programs.

The board also voted to table the co-op board meeting with Harrington previously scheduled for June 14.

Regular meeting

Following its 2017-2018 budget planning and policies/procedures workshop in the district office May 24, Read, principal Jamie Nelson and board members Heather Valverde, Chris Crossley, Janie Steward and Carmen Weishaar joined a large crowd of teachers, coaches, staff members and members of the general public at 6 p.m. in the high school library.

The board approved the consent agenda, including the minutes of the April 26, special and regular meetings; payroll warrants #609920-609946 and direct deposit warrants #900005487-900005546 for $235,463.74; general fund A/P warrants #609947-609996 for $51,824.48; ASB fund A/P warrants #609997-610013 for $17,399.05. Personnel issues under the consent agenda included acceptance by the board of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification for junior-high language arts teacher Marianne Iksic; the hiring of Kim Todd as the part-time Title I/Learning Assistance Program Teacher for 2017-2018, the resignation of Amy Hunt as the Pep Club advisor and the resignation of Jennifer Singer as a paraeducator. Also approved were travel for the FBLA to the National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, Calif. from June 27 to July 3; summer school to be held July 17 through August 10 (Mon.-Thurs.); summer camps for high school volleyball to be held June 12-16 in Odessa; EWU high school volleyball camp in Odessa June 26-27; high school football practice in Odessa June 12-16; Stockton basketball camp June 3 in Odessa; high school volleyball tournament in Pomeroy June 17; and a high school volleyball tournament in Valley June 23-24.

Superintendent’s report

Read reported May enrollment at 233.8 full-time equivalent students.

Read said the district has been approached about purchasing property across from the gym which could be used in the future as a parking lot and/or possible site for a community garden. He is waiting for an appraisal on the property which comprises three lots, a home and an outbuilding before making a recommendation to the board.

With board support, Read said the school will expand the district’s preschool offering to four half-days for four-year-olds and two half-days for three-year-olds as a pilot program next school year,

Principal’s report

Nelson reported an actual headcount enrollment of 257 students in preschool through 12th grade.

State testing continues under the direction of Bev Scherr and Kimberly Ryan. Youth Health Day, sponsored by the junior-high level FLOCK program was a success. Craig Holman hosted the secondary band concert and presented awards to Aaron Gies, Colby Sooy and Keith Strebeck. The Odessa FBLA chapter is in full fundraising mode, gearing up for National Leadership Conference in California. FFA members just returned from the State FFA Conference in Pullman.

Upcoming activities include the FFA banquet, the band trip to Silverwood, the All-School Assembly honoring the seniors, the elementary music concert, graduation, the junior high Science Expo and the elementary academic awards assembly.

Athletic director’s report

Athletic director Bruce Todd reported on the meeting of ADs at Northern Quest on May 17. He reported that the O-H girls’ tennis team was awarded the 1B Academic Championship for the third year in a row. The O-H baseball team earned the third-place state trophy. Athletic seasons have concluded for high school golf and junior high baseball and track.

Board report

Board member Carmen Weishaar said the parent night presentation about social media, organized by the junior high leadership FLOCK group, was very informative and well worth attending.

Legislative report

Read and superintendents from Odessa’s legislative district, met with three legislators in Moses Lake on May 24. Read reported that he was able to gain insight into proposed budget proposals and was able to give input on concerns.

Facilities report

Operations director Justin Parr said the facilities committee would meet soon to discuss plans to repair the roof and sidewalks.

Financial report

Read presented the ASB balance sheet for April, as well as the financial activity reports for the general fund for April showing revenue at $381,017 and expenditures at $305,310 for an ending balance of $780,358.

Resolution #5-2016-2017: ASB Fund Budget Extension

The board approved Resolution #5-2016-2017 reading, in part, as follows: “Whereas, the Board of Directors of Odessa School District No. 105-157-166J, Lincoln County, Washington have the authority under RCW 28A.505 and WAC 392-123 to establish appropriation funds, and; Whereas the District has experienced increased expenditures in the ASB Fund related to various ASB club activities which will require an increase in appropriation of $40,000.00 dollars, and; Whereas, the ASB Fund beginning cash/fund balance plus anticipated revenues is sufficient to provide for the additional expenditures; Now therefore be it resolved that the Board of Directors of Odessa School District No. 105-157-166J, Lincoln County, Washington, hereby petition OSPI to increase the 2017-2017 ASB Fund appropriation amount from $136,650.00 to $176,650.00…”

Donation from Stump Jumpers Motorcycle Club

The board accepted a donation of $2,500 from the StumpJumpers Motorcycle Club to the Odessa High School FBLA chapter.

Policy updates

Per the recommendation of Jolene Erickson, the district’s school nurse, Read presented updates to Policy 2165: Home or Hospital Instruction, Policy 2320: Field Trips, Excursions and Outdoor Education, and Policy 4020: Confidential Communications for first reading.


Assurance of employment for the 2017-2018 school year for certificated and classified staff members was approved.

The next regular board meeting will be held Wednesday, June 28, at 6 p.m. in the high school library, with a workshop at 5:30 p.m. just prior to the regular meeting.


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