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Letter to the Editor: Is testing emphasized today over teaching?


To the Editor:

Many years ago, before 1940, most states had students take a test when they finished the eighth grade. If they passed the test, they could go on to high school. If not, they could keep trying to pass it until they were 16. When they were 16, they were told to go get a job. I have copies of the test that was very difficult.

Looking recently at the percentage of students who graduated from college after four years, it is very obvious that we possibly have too many young people who are not college material. Perhaps high school should identify students as college ready or career ready. There are a lot of jobs available that don’t require a college degree, and quite often illegal workers fill these jobs.

When high school students who are career-level students are mixed in with college-level students, they take valuable time away from college-level young people.

We have entered a time when both colleges and high schools are giving grades that many educated people believe are misleading to students and their parents.

Are we taking up too much time on meaningless testing instead of teaching?

Gerald Ray



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