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Fires keep crews busy


August 3, 2017

Fires in crop fields and pasture lands kept Odessa firefighters busy over the past few weeks. The weather has been very dry since the beginning of summer, and any small spark can turn into a conflagration.

Paul and Kerry Scheller have had their share of fire troubles. The winter snows and spring rains have made for an abundant crop, but at the same time, there is much thick stubble just waiting for a spark to ignite it. Over this past weekend, the Schellers experienced their third field fire this season. Although combine driver Paul has been diligent about cleaning excess straw and dirt out of his machine, it does not take long for it to build up again, causing the combine to overheat and start a fire. This time around, the Schellers lost five to seven acres of stubble and 3 to five acres of standing grain before the fire crews were able to put it out.

Another recent fire left the vacationing family of Jeff and Amber Zagelow and their four children with not much of a home to return to. Their farm home caught fire, most likely due to either faulty wiring or an overheated bathroom fan, they were told by firefighters and insurance inspectors. The master bathroom and kitchen areas were a smoldering mass of charcoal once the fire was put out. While they deal with their insurance company on the subject of rebuilding, they are renting a house in town.


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