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No livestock in town, says council


October 26, 2017

After much debate and a thorough search of the town’s records, the council voted to uphold prior legislation and refuse to allow animal husbandry to take place at the school shop. Based on the town’s comprehensive plan, Ordinance 519 prohibiting livestock within the town limits and documents drafted in 1999, the council voted not to override those provisions.

As far as the school’s ag program is concerned, however, it appeared that the newly acquired lot (the Viola Els property) would provide access to land that is already zoned for agricultural use. A study of the documents will determine the school district’s next steps.

Kurt Addicott, an aviation engineer with Century West Engineering, advised the town the road near the airport that is encroaching on the safety zone required by the Federal Aviation Administration be barricaded over the winter so that work in the spring to move part of the roadway can begin whenever the weather permits. The barricade is required in order for planning to proceed over the winter, Addicott said. Instead of building an entirely new road, several feet of the existing roadway will be redirected out of the safety zone to comply with FAA regulations and save costs.

The council approved an increase in the tax levy for the town. Also approved was an increase in pay for the pool lifeguards in order to comply with the minimum wage law. Another resolution increasing property taxes was passed.

Discussed but with no action taken was a ruling to allow only fresh flowers to decorate graves between April 1 and October 31, with the exception of the week prior to and the week after Memorial Day in May. Other types of decoration slow down the mowing and maintenance of the cemetery, as well as resulting, at times, in theft of and damage to the items people have left at the graves of loved ones. The public works crew would remove other items to a location behind the chapel where residents can pick them up. The issue will be discussed further at future meetings.


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