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November 9, 2017

The Reason We Fought

I was once asked why I volunteered to go into the Army.

After thinking about it for a moment,

I gave this answer: Sir, nothing in this country

should ever come free to anyone. Somebody’s got to pay for it,

either in taxes or some other way, and sometimes

even with some giving up our lives. Me, I would have given my life

for it, but you see it isn’t up to us. It’s up to our Lord who lives or dies.

But now in this country we are fighting about whether to stand

or kneel. I have lost buddies fighting for this flag

in a country where we were told to fight on the wrong side.

I lost a brother over there in ’69 also fighting on a hill where

we did recon in ’65/’66 just so someone could say

he took a darn hill; only he would never be able to hold it.

We gave reports to all commands: The north had dug a tunnel under an

entire mountain range. How does one dig up a tunnel under the whole

mountain range from the north to the central highlands?

We fought for each other, so that a few of us could make it

home to tell you what was going on. Only no one cared.

You who kneel, please place your hand over your heart

for those us who were fighting so you could kneel.

At least do that out of respect for those who gave their lives

so you can do what you want to do. I am asking you to please

place your hand over your heart. I am not asking you

to stand, however I am asking you to respect those of us

who put it on the line for you by putting your hand

over your heart for those guys and gals. Do so today.

The reason we fought so hard was just to stay alive.

I do so love this flag! So many of my friends came home

with it draped over them. I ask you to respect what they gave you.

Steve L. Siegel

October 30, 2017


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