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Hometown Christmas delights with Santa, rummage, carols, decorating


December 7, 2017

--Photo courtesy of Ed Haugan.

Mrs. Claus watches as Santa meets and has his picture taken with eager children of all ages during Harrington Hometown Christmas Saturday.

Hometown Christmas

Flurry and activity amid the cold temperatures during the week leading up to the Harrington Hometown Christmas were the keynotes of the community leaders in bringing the event to fruition. Special meetings and people moving about with wreaths for the businesses and lighting for the outdoor Christmas tree, while others were decorating indoor trees, windows and venues. Calls for "more lights" and inquiries for "what's next?" were heard about town. The city crew joined in the activity as they strung the traditional lights across Third and hung garland. Weather forecasts may have deterred a few, but Saturday morning, December 2, the sun shone brightly, with hardly a breeze, and sales began promptly at 9 a.m. with the Opera House rummage sale, all by donation, all for a donation. The great success that the rummage sale has at these events is due to the reciprocity of community members. People moving or downsizing give good, clean and sometimes elegant items for the Opera House to turn into cash for running expenses and projects. People looking for a bargain and some only looking to be supportive of HOHS come and donate and find items they can enjoy. It is rare that people try to take advantage of the system of giving which this enterprise has cultivated. More often than not, people donate more than the value of the items. The rummage items were spread out into the usual rummage room and into the Art Room, with most of the Christmas decor in the Art Room. Together nearly $600 was brought in to aid with the winter expenses. There was such a rush of last minute donors of items that HOHS could not display, and they have decided to have a "second chance" sale in two weeks, December 16, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. As the Christmas season approaches, people may find they desire more decorations, and HOHS will have plenty available. Please note the shortened hours.

Also in the Opera House, Santa arrived at 10 a.m. in the EMT truck with sirens screaming through the crisp air with a few young ones to wait their turn on Santa's lap. After the initial interest subsided, it was thought that perhaps Santa would leave early. Can anyone imagine "no interest in Santa"? Patiently Santa waited, with the nudging of Mrs. Claus, and before long, Santa had a line of eagerly-awaiting children. A total of 37 photos were taken of children sitting on Santa's lap. They all departed with a goody bag provided by the Chamber of Commerce.

Reports mid-morning were that the FFA wreaths and trees were available, but that the poinsettias were nearly sold out. The Harrington Food Bank was also very busy Saturday morning. Boxes and boxes of food items being carried to awaiting vehicles.

Many vendors provided a wonderful assortment of items for the shoppers at the Memorial Hall under the direction of the PTA. Customers from the hall were excitedly relating the many items viewed there: solid lotion soap, T-shirts, sugar scrub, bookmarks, tote bags, Avon products, bath balms, goat milk soap, hand-made wooden trucks for kids, pillows and cases, yoga pants, soup and rolls, and Tupperware. At some point in the day, the music pupils of Heather Safe played piano, dance students performed jazz and tap routines, and music on the keyboard kept a gay spirit abreast.

--Photo courtesy of Ed Haugan.

The rummage sale room at the Harrington Opera House holds jewelry, figurines and many other items which are only a portion of the many items sold by donation at the Harrington Opera House.

The Post and Office was the center for the caroling group after 4 p.m. to warm up and begin their singing of classic and rock Christmas songs which they continued for the Bazaar shoppers at the Memorial Hall and worked their way to the tree lighting ceremony at the corner of Third and Willis where the real Christmas tree had been decorated near the nativity scene. The tree was lit at 5 p.m. with quite a gathering of people. Cars were lined up on both sides of the street from before Glover on Third all the way to near Sherwood on Third. Cars filled each of the parking lots in the downtown area. The 2017 Carolers were: Justin Bradford, Izabelle Burke, Bonnee Clarke, Dillon Haas, Cherie MacClellan, Jen Mallery, Dave Nighswonger, and Lynn Wines. Schedules permitting, this hearty group intends to travel around town closer to Christmas, caroling for Harrington residents as was done last year.

Potential Videos Deployed

Not all thieves rob items. As has been the case for several years, people are utilizing the trash receptacles for which they are not paying the tab. Periodically, local residents complain that they took out the most recent garbage in the morning just before the trucks arrive to empty the containers, only to find that it had been filled by strangers during the night. This has become such a nuisance that rumors are afloat that cameras are being placed to canvass areas where these thieves are leaving their debris and failing to share the cost. Hopefully these photos will be available for viewing publicly.


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