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My first visit with LuLu at the Carlson family farm


February 8, 2018

--Photo courtesy of Karen Carlson.

LuLu, a four to five-month-old dog found shot and left for dead in the snow in December, continues to improve in the loving hands of the Carlson family of Lamona.

On January 20, I finally saw LuLu for the first time since that cold morning of December 28, when the first thing I did was check to make sure she had survived the night.

That Saturday morning I went with Tammy to the Carlson farm. When she parked her truck I looked up and saw Karen walking out with LuLu in her arms. I can only imagine how I must have sounded because I imagine my scream probably sounded a lot like a teenage girl meeting Justin Bieber. I think it was something like, "Oh, look at her! Look at LuLu! She's so happy. She's beautiful!"

I hopped out of the truck and she ran right to me, climbing up onto my lap and licking my hands as I knelt down on my knees to pet her.

The difference in the puppy I saw that morning was like night and day compared to the puppy we'd encountered only a few weeks prior. What a beautiful sight she was to see. She was so much healthier, gaining enough weight so that she no longer looked emaciated. As a matter of fact she had a chubby round little belly. She seemed totally content and at home, sniffing around, chasing footballs and being surrounded by and playing with the other dogs.

LuLu still tires easily and for now only goes outside when she is supervised. She seems to have some sight in one of her eyes, but not enough for her to rely on it completely. She seems pretty good at finding her way around by sniffing.

Karen said she was so thankful for everyone who donated toward LuLu's care, vet bills, etc. and also the Odessa Food Bank for the bag of dog food they donated. It really truly is appreciated and put to good use.

LuLu goes to the vet for another follow-up visit soon. When she does, I will write another update and hopefully have more information on her weight and sight.

I must say, the morning of December 28 has stuck with me over the weeks, haunting me to the point that I start to cry if I think about it too much. I believe the smell of infection is forever burned into my nose and memory. The immense sadness I felt for this poor puppy was so overwhelming for days. So imagine the sheer joy I felt and the tears that must have flowed that day, having her do something as simple as climb up on me and lick my hands.

What an incredible puppy. I believe we are the ones who are lucky to have LuLu.


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