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Letter to the Editor: Local job fair coming to Rolling Thunder Pizza


February 8, 2018

To the Editor:

Nate here. I have never felt so optimistic as today for the Town of Odessa that I love. We just stepped up to local and regional deliveries. We are actually looking and talking about franchise opportunities. Contact me if interested. Harrington, Wilson Creek, Lind, Wilbur (call me).

We are expanding, and the Car Show this year is looking great! The races are coming! Odessa is doing great. You can, too! I know this because of all the new people and families moving into town. The school class numbers are even growing again!

Over just the last few months, lots of people are coming to the Pizza Shop looking for work. We are growing and we will have work soon. However I want to help now.

In the Rolling Thunder Pizza Shop, I will have for you a list of names and contact information for anyone in Odessa looking to work and those who want to help keep Odessa a great place to live and thrive.

Babysitting - Painting - Fix it - Repairs - Cleaning - Deliveries - Home Care - Temp Work - Construction - Health Care - Anything you can think of or anything you need. Come see.

I will be in Odessa and open with new deliveries by Justin Carnahan - Not Just Pizza. Ask him about it. New and great for Odessa. Thank you, sir!

February 8-10, I will be in the Pizza Shop. Come down if looking for work or looking for workers. No pizza purchase required. This is a new free service with the success of Odessa and its families as our priority!

Nate Lathrop



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