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Housing, hotel, Hekmatpanah keep Harrington hopping


Harrington PDA

The Harrington Public Development Authority met Tuesday, February 20, with the following attending: Jay Gossett, Paul Charlton, Jill Plaskon, Bunny Haugan, Heather Slack, Tim Tipton, Marge Womach and Cherie MacClellan. The final critiquing of the post and panel display-sign design was done and the order for the first sign, that for Cruizin’ Harrington, was turned in, to allow Baldwin Signs of Spokane adequate time to complete the sign before the May 19 event.

The need for housing in Harrington, the availability of houses and issues involved in keeping properties on the market were discussed. The Authority would like to send out letters to owners of vacant houses and attempt to ascertain the likelihood of the house returning to the market, rental or for sale. Although the City has a list of empty houses, some of them are in foreclosure, which makes it difficult to predict their return to a useable status. It was also suggested that properties for sale or rent be posted on the website, including business and residential properties or even lots available for building. If millennials become interested in working in Harrington for a corporation on the west side of the state, they will need housing, which is difficult to find at the present time. There is also the potential of annexing land into the city, which could spur a housing boom.

Hotel Lincoln

progress report

Jerry and Karen Allen and Archie D. Staley purchased the Hotel Lincoln from Billie and Gordon Herron in October of 2008. The Herrons had purchased the hotel from Paul and Ava Lee Hanes in 1996 as the Electric Hotel. Although the Herrons initially intended to restore the hotel to its former elegance, the work was not started until Allen and Staley took control. By October 2009 the interior of the hotel had been completely gutted. Project by project, structural corrections were made. The focus for this year continues to be the windows.

For the calendar year 2017, the Hotel Lincoln had enough sponsorship to purchase 24 windows, thanks to The Institute for Washington’s Future, which was a fiscal sponsor and had received some very generous donations by people who care about historic preservation and small town economic development or restoration. Going into 2018, the restoration of 13 Queen Anne windows plus a 14th, a very large 5’ x 3’ Queen Anne window has been completed. The focus now is on the installation of the 13 double hung windows that boast a Queen Anne window over each of them. These windows are on order and should be received by the end of February. Installation will follow. As the structural work in the storefront and the framing are completed, windows will be ordered and installed in the new face of the commercial space. Their next goal for window replacement will be the north side, lower and mezzanine levels.

In an interview with Karen Allen, she said, “The initial idea for Hotel Lincoln was to complete the restoration of the entire building and open it for business. This idea had to be reinvented due to the past economy. Nobody wants to hear the problem, just the solution. On the drawing board is a plan to phase this project beginning with the main level first: 1) Install 13 new windows on east and south side; 2) Complete the mezzanine area and office space; 3) Begin work on the lobby and south end of the hotel. We have been fortunate to have The Institute for Washington’s Future assisting us and the many donors who have sponsored the window replacement project. We would like to extend our sincere appreciation for those generous people who support our project not only with funding, but with kind words or assistance volunteering with physical work. We appreciate you! You make a difference. We welcome hearing from you so please contact us if you have any questions.”


An innovative evening event sponsored by the Harrington PTA will be held Wednesday, March 28, at the Harrington school multi-purpose room. A free dinner will be served at 5:30 p.m., with a presentation from 6 to 7 p.m. entitled: “Protecting Our Kids in the Digital Age: an Internet Safety Night for Parents.” Free child care is provided, and door prizes will be given. “Learn about apps, sites and tools that your kids are using... or soon will be! This presentation will focus on privacy preferences, how data gets archived online, and why digital information lasts forever. Hear about the legalities of Internet use and discuss the importance of open and honest communication with children.”

All parents, guardians and grandparents are encouraged to attend. The information provided is offered in the hope that adults will stay ahead of any potential threat our children might face in the digital world they are living in. The topics include Snapchat, Instagram, TBH, Sarahah, Tinder,, Secret apps, Sexting, Bullying, Content Filtering and Device Addiction.


The Harrington Opera House Society invites the community to the return of Kevin Hekmatpanah, cellist, who will be performing Friday, March 2, 2018 in the auditorium of the Opera House. Admission is by donation at 7 p.m. His accompanist for the event will be world renowned pianist, Paulina Zamora.


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