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March 29, 2018

--Photo courtesy of Diane Hoertz.

2018 Miss Harrington Tori Rice

Harrington Public

Development Authority

Heather Slack, president, opened the 7 p.m. March 20 meeting of the Harrington Public Development Authority with Bunny Haugan, Paul Charlton, Jay Kane and Tim Tipton present. The announcement of the completion of the Harrington Community display sign by Baldwin Signs of Spokane was made accompanied with the news that Don Timm and Jim Knapp volunteered to go to Spokane to pick it up saving the Authority several hundred dollars on delivery fees. Jay Gossett plans to install it as previously reported in a secure cement base with steel posts. The sign will have removable inserts for changing the message from Cruizin' Harrington to Fall Festival or other local events. The location for the sign is on the city-owned property across Highway 28 from the Robertson's home. The sign will be visible from both directions.

Mention was made regarding the Economic Development Council presentation Saturday by Margie Hall at the Opera House. The Authority was contacted by a representative of Huckleberry Press stating that they want to aid Harrington in advertising its activities, making a mutually beneficial outreach. The lack of housing available for new families coming to Harrington was again discussed with updates of various houses currently vacant but not yet ready for purchase or rent. Damage by renters to one property took a nice house on 3rd off the market until it can be cleaned and repaired. The next meeting will be held at city hall on April 17.


The Harrington Public Library's board organized another after-school game event for which 10 children turned out, with Stacey Rasmussen, Katie Steward and Susan Larmer monitoring. Uno and Sorry were two choices among the many offered to the group. Each seemed to enjoy the snack that accompanied the event. Several checked out books following their activity.

Opera House

Third Street in Harrington on Saturday, March 24, was lined with vehicles before 9 a.m., some of which were there for the Social Media Bootcamp held in the Harrington Opera House auditorium, hosted by the Opera House Society and sponsored by the Lincoln County Economic Development Council. The function was free to all and had been advertised as providing training and tips for Facebook, online marketing, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogging and "Avoiding the Social Media time suck."

With about a dozen persons in attendance in addition to Margie Hall and Joyce Mings from the Council and the instructor, Josh Wade of nectorMEDIA, the event was definitely considered successful. The attendees were business and ranch owners from Odessa, Davenport, and Harrington and included Chamber of Commerce Presidents from Harrington and Sprague. Basic components needed to market in today's world are provided in most of Josh Wade's Social Media presentations. He always includes the latest trends and statistics for how and where customers and potential clients or visitors look for products, services, recreation and entertainment information. The group seemed well-pleased with the instruction received and were informed that they would also receive links to the presentation slides used during the event and other free e-book and reference downloads. The Post and Office furnished coffee.

Victoria Rice,

Miss Harrington

Sunday afternoon, March 25, at 1 p.m. at the Catholic Church social room, a group of about 40 attended the Harrington Homemakers' presentation of the Miss Harrington pageant. JoAnn Gossett welcomed the attendees and spoke briefly of the hometown tradition of granting young ladies who are juniors in high school the opportunity to represent their school and community for the year by being selected as Miss Harrington or one of the royalty. Gossett introduced the 2018 Miss Harrington, Victoria (Tori) Rice, attired in a red floor length sleeveless gown.

Victoria Rice is the youngest of three children of Lynn and Cindie Rice. She was born in Anchorage, Alaska in July 2001. Tori stated that following life in Alaska, the family moved to Kentucky and then West Virginia. She was home-schooled through the eighth grade. The family moved to the Harrington vicinity in August of 2014, residing on the old Nitschke ranch. Tori started the ninth grade at Harrington High School. Her favorite classes are history, math and science, and she is a member of FBLA, band and the cheerleading team. Her hobbies are reading, hanging out with friends and helping others. Tori spoke with pride as she told the audience that her dad is retired from the Air Force and Federal Aviation Administration and her mom is a retired nurse. In a separate interview she revealed that she wants to be an ER nurse when she finishes her education.

--Courtesy photo.

Harrington youngsters enjoy games and activities in the public library monitored by Katie Steward.

Gossett spoke again about the Homemakers and the ways in which that group shows that they care about our town. In addition to supporting the Miss Harrington program, they also provide a scholarship each year. The Homemakers meet once a month with summers off. She invited others to join their group. She introduced the out-going 2017 Royalty: Miss Harrington Alex Soliday and her court, Princess Evie Mann and Princess Stormy Stiles. They wore matching, medium-length black floral dresses. Each spoke briefly, mentioning the towns they had been to and thanking those who had helped them through the process. They gave words of encouragement and advice for Tori for the upcoming experience. These three wrapped the 2018 Miss Harrington sash across her shoulder, placed the tiara on her head and gave her a beautiful bouquet of roses. They also donated their leftover cash on hand for Tori's start as Miss Harrington.

Refreshments of cupcakes and coffee were served and the group mingled for about an hour.


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