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Letter to the Editor: Hammond running for 13th District state rep


April 12, 2018

To the Editor:

I recently spent a rainy but wonderful Wednesday campaigning in Odessa for representative position #2 in the 13th District. Since my husband and I have attended Odessa’s Deutschesfest for years, I was looking forward to the visit.

The people were open, friendly and clearly proud of their community, as they should be.

Voters shared a variety ideas and concerns. One common concern was a feeling that Odessa, as well as eastern Washington in general, did not get the attention, understanding and respect it deserves. The most frequently expressed opinion was a desire for new leadership from our district.

Having lived in eastern Washington for 40 years, I understand our values and the needs of our communities. As one Odessa resident said, we need to work together and talk to each other to find solutions. Civility and respect can go a long ways in securing what our district needs.

The citizens of Odessa were gracious in extending me their time and kindness.

Sylvia Hammond



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