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Letter to the editor: To those men who changed my life


Last updated 6/4/2018 at 1:03pm

To the Editor:

In the world today people have lost the ability to be what we are supposed to be. As humans we have become selfish, materialistic and uncaring. We have stepped away from what God intended for us to be. He put us here to be kind, to take care of others and to be selfless.

I have been lucky in my life to know and have in my life some very caring and selfless men. God has blessed me beyond belief and I want to let them know just what they have done for me and how much I love them all.

The first one that came in to my life is my dad, Errol Kramer. I was seven years old when he married my mom, but having us as step-kids wasn’t enough. He wanted us to be his, so he adopted us. He brought us to Odessa and I can honestly say growing up here was the best thing for me. My dad has always put us first, always shown us love, even through those tough teen years. He has always encouraged me and helped me however he can. He is, so I thought, one of a kind, and I am more than proud to call him dad.

The next person is my husband, Robert Deering. He truly is my knight. He rescued me from a physically abusive relationship, took me in to his home and as friends we grew to fall in love with each other. This man is AMAZING!! He works two jobs to provide for his family and in his spare time he builds bikes for kids who can’t afford them. If you’re in need he will drop what he is doing to help. He takes in animals when people can’t have them anymore. He has taken in several people who had nowhere to go. He truly has the heart that God intended us all to have. I thank God daily for bringing such a good-hearted person into my life.

The next man that I find to be truly selfless and amazing is Jeff Lane. He has been brought back into my life recently and has shown me how truly kind and caring he is. He’s constantly running around trying to help whomever he can that happens to need help at that time, repairing or rebuilding items for people who can’t afford a mechanic or providing supplies needed to take care of it, be it someone’s yard, car, mower or what seem to be most popular, washers and driers, doing it all for the price of parts or, more often than not, for free, so that someone who can’t afford to buy one can have one.

Recently, he has been gathering roofing materials, paneling and other items from a house in town that is going to be demolished so that my parents’ roof can be repaired. They don’t have the money to do it, and it has gotten to the point that when it’s raining outside, it’s also raining inside. Jeff has worked many hours gathering materials and has gone through a lot with people who only care about getting their share and not about helping a family in need. To me, he is an amazing person, and I am glad to have him back in my life.

I am very lucky to have such fantastic people in my life, and every day I thank God for all He has done for me. Maybe as a society we should take a hard look at who we are. Then take an even harder look at how these three people live their lives and see how God truly intended us to be. Thank you.

Dyanne Kramer-Deering



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