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The Strifflers


--Photo courtesy of Vivianne Poe.

The Strifflers, Thad, Jameson, Bella and Aimee, on a visit to Experience Quilts! last week.

I have found over the last two years living here in Odessa and doing interviews, that there are some very wonderful and interesting people. Everyone has a story, and I feel privileged and honored that these people have invited me into their space for a period of time and shared a little bit of their life's journey.

Now I would like to introduce you to Thad and Aimee Striffler and their two children Jameson, two and a half, and Isabella (Bella), six. Thad was born in 1984 in Rochester, N.Y. His growing up years with his parents and two brothers took place in different areas of New York. His father worked for the government, and his mother worked with young children. Thad graduated from Tully High School and went on to college in Oswego and graduated from there. Thad was a teacher for a period of time and also worked as an auto mechanic. While he was in high school he became involved in acting and really enjoyed it. He has continued to act in theaters throughout his life. Twelve Angry Men, Hamlet, and A Midsummer Night's Dream are just a few of his many performances. He also plays guitar and piano and sings. He tells me he is a one man show and has sung in coffee shops and bars. Last year he won the talent show at Deutschesfest.

Thad is the manager at McDonald's in Ritzville and says he enjoys his job. Aimee was born in 1993 in Syracuse, N.Y. and spent most of her life there, except when she was eight and nine and she and her parents, brother and sister lived in Arizona. Her father was a chef and her mother was in sales. Aimee graduated from Solvay High School in New York. She took classes in cosmetology and she did the makeup for her classmates in her graduating class. Thad and Aimee married in November 2013. They both spent their years in New York until their move to Odessa last year. Aimee is a stay-at-home mom and loves spending time teaching her children arts and crafts. While I was interviewing them outside, Jameson was happily doing his artwork on the steps with a colorful substance his mother made up for him to be creative with. It did wash off after he was done. Isabella is in Kindergarten at the Odessa schools and has made lots of friends.

What drew them to Odessa was the small town environment and Nancy Kramer. Nancy is Thad's step-grandmother. Maybe Thad will be in the talent show again this year, and if you haven't already met them, that might be the place to strike up a conversation and get to know them. Welcome to Odessa, Thad, Aimee, Isabella and Jameson!

Until next time-Enjoy life!


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