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Letter to the Editor: Writer says local landlord abuses power over tenant


August 16, 2018

To the Editor:

It’s a sad day here in Odessa when a business owner/ landlord can come and rip the doors off the house you’re renting, leave it wide open for two days, so anyone could help themselves to whatever they wanted and did. All with no remorse, just pure vengeance in mind.

Then say you’re not a good Christian, because you’re mad at them. You need to pray! And trying to haul their belongings to the dump because the renter is not moving fast enough for them. Blatantly harassing the renters the whole time! Yelling at them And following them around, while they try to pack their stuff. Because he can, without fear of being arrested! A civil matter! For the renters that sucks! Total disregard for the state’s Landlord-Tenant Act. This saddens me. I shall pray for both of them. Renters beware!

Pat Gamache



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