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Mid-term election results are in


Last updated 11/10/2018 at 12:08am

Maria Cantwell, Democrat, collected only1,368 votes in Lincoln County or 28.77% of the vote, while Susan Hutchison, Republican garnered 3,387 votes or 71.23%. Statewide, however, Cantwell gathered 1,144,970 for 58.6% compared to Hutchison’s 808,873 or 41.4%.

Republican Cathy McMorris Rodgers easily defeated Lisa Brown 3,597 votes (75.76%) to 1,151 or 24.24% in Lincoln County but won by a far smaller margin in the District-wide voting with 103,238 votes (55.95%) to Brown’s 81,295 or 44.05%.

The 13th Legislative District remains firmly in Republican hands as Matt Manweller, despite having vowed to resign his position if elected following continued allegations of sexual predation, got the win with 3,390 votes or 73.95% to Democrat Sylvia Hammond’s 1,194votes or 26.05%. District-wide Manweller received 21,574 votes or 64.11% to Hammond’s 12,078 or 35.89%.

Other state legislators were either elected unopposed or far outdid their nearest opponents, including Sen. Judy Warnick, Rep. Tom Dent and various county officers.

County commissioner Rob Coffman was also unopposed, as were County Prosecutor Jeffrey Barkdull, Sheriff Wade Magers, County Treasurer Jody Howard and District Court Judge Dan B. Johnson.

State Measures Initiative Measure No. 1631 on pollution was soundly defeated. In Lincoln County, Yes votes totaled 718 or 15.09% and No votes were 4,040 or 84.91%. Statewide, Yes votes were 850,861 or 43.68% to No votes of 1,097,277 or 56.32%.

State Measures Initiative Measure No. 1634 on taxation of certain items intended for human consumption. Yes votes were 3,362 or 70.69% to No votes of 1,394 or 29.31% in the county and Yes votes of 1,062,381 or 54.78% to No votes of 876,921 or 45.22% statewide.

State Measures Initiative Measure No. 163 on firearms saw a split between county and state voting. Yes votes of 1,207 or 25.38% were far below the 3,549 votes or 74.62% who voted No. Statewide, however, the measure passed with 1,181,218 Yes votes (60.35%) to 775,902 No

votes or 39.65%.

State Measures Initiative to the Legislature 940 concerning law enforcement. Yes votes in LC were 1,630 or 34.84% to No votes of 3,049 or 65.16%. Statewide the measure passed handily with Yes votes of 1,151,495 or 59.2% to No votes of 793,581 or 40.8%.

Advisory Vote No. 19 Engrossed Second Substitute Senate Bill 6269 was repealed 3,647 votes or 81.19% to 845 votes or 18.81%. Statewide the margin was much narrower but repeal was selected by 982,524 votes or 52.8% to 878,226 or 47.2%.

The next ballot count was expected to take place November 7 at 4 p.m., but no races were close enough to result in any major upsets when the final ballots are counted.


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