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Editor’s note: Most items in this section reflect the starting point for response by local police and emergency agencies. The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office does not release names of individuals who report possible criminal or suspicious activities to dispatchers or alleged victims for this column.

Monday, Oct. 29: Palouse River Coulee City Railroad personnel were advised on a malfunctioning crossing arm on Division Street in Wilbur.

Deputies investigated a report of a possible burglary at a residence in the 500 block of Maxwell Street in Davenport.

A Wilbur woman reported an incident of fraud and identity theft that involved the use of a disabled woman’s Social Security information by someone seeking employment in the area.

Odessa Police investigated a report that 11 pounds of uncooked meat and 13 pounds of cooked meat, along with a bottle of wine, had been stolen from the Community Center.

Tuesday, Oct. 30: Davenport ambulance personnel assisted a woman with breathing difficulties.

A semi-truck carrying four vehicles went off U.S. 2 and through a fence near Creston. No injuries were reported.

A Sprague caller told dispatchers he was irritated with his landlords for removing his personal property from a garage in the 400 block of West 5th to make room for a new washer and dryer.

A chainsaw and air compressor valued at about $650 were reported stolen from property in the 43000 block of Miles Creston Road.

Two residents of Lakeview Terrace Mobile Home Park argued about noise coming from a 1,000 hp engine in a hot rod pickup truck being built there.

A deputy responded to a Davenport resident’s call about an unwanted individual in the 1000 block of Washington Street.

Dispatchers took a report about a continuously barking dog in the 700 block of Main Street in Davenport.

A resident of the 400 block of Adams Street in Davenport shared concern about neighbors who continuously throw parties and set fires in a fire pit. A responding deputy found no issues.

A cleaning crew accidentally set off alarms in the Lincoln County District Court building.

Responding to the 100 block of Main Street, Davenport ambulance personnel transported a 37-year-old man who had fallen down stairs to the hospital.

Odessa Police responded to a property line dispute involving residents of the 300 block of East Marjorie.

Wednesday, Oct. 31: What a caller thought was a fire in the vicinity of Miles Creston and Copenhaver roads turned out to be “bright lights shining up towards the sky.”

BNSF Railroad personnel worked on a malfunctioning crossing arm in Sprague.

An employee accidentally set off an alarm at Davenport’s Mexican restaurant.

A caller reported his hunting pack had been stolen from a table placed outside a travel trailer parked in the Pacific Lake/Lakeview Ranch area.

A caller reported that smoke from what she believed was an illegal burn was filling Mill Canyon.

Dispatchers took a report that someone got out of a pickup truck and shoot several times at an elk that poked its head out of the woods along SR 25 about 13 miles north of Davenport.

Thursday, Nov. 1: A caller reported the theft of a package from a porch in the 300 block of Logan Street in Davenport after it had been delivered there by United Parcel Service. A responding deputy was unsure the package containing roto bits actually had been dropped off.

Responding to the city hall, Sprague ambulance personnel assisted a 45-year-old woman having a seizure. She was transported to Deaconess Medical Center in Spokane.

A deputy’s attempt to catch up with a vehicle traveling at various speeds and making bad passes on U.S. 2 near Davenport was interrupted when another vehicle came close to hitting his patrol car head-on near the Davenport airport.

Friday, Nov. 2: An employee accidentally set off an alarm at Horizon Credit Union’s Davenport branch.

A Harrington woman reported the possible theft of several hydrocodone pills from her vehicle.

Coming to the sheriff’s office, a Wilbur man turned in $140 (in $20 bills) he said he found a month before in Wilbur.

Responding to the 1200 block of Monroe Street, a deputy investigated a report that someone had used a vehicle to tear up a freshly graded gravel parking lot outside R & I Trucking in Davenport. A student at Davenport High School was contacted as a possible suspect in connection with this and a similar report of the roadway being torn up at Mayberry and Leffel roads. The student admitted going “mudding” out on the back roads during lunch period. A deputy advised him to discontinue that practice if he wanted to avoid further action.

Deputies and mental health personnel were involved in responding to a mother’s request for help with an “out-of-control” 13-year-old girl in the 600 block of Main Street in Davenport.

A Davenport woman told dispatchers that someone has been contacting her juvenile son online through the “Xbox Community” and even sent him a set of gaming headphones. She expressed concern about messages he left in her son’s inbox and his intentions towards the young boy.

Two occupants involved in a one-vehicle rollover collision on U.S. 2 near the Telford rest area were transported to Lincoln Hospital in Davenport.

A caller reported “a big fire lighting up the sky” in the vicinity of Moore and Circle roads in the Reardan area.

A Reardan girl broke the glass out of the front door of a residence in the 500 block of West Broadway and used the broken pieces to cut her wrists. Deputies and emergency medical personnel responded and the girl was taken to Lincoln Hospital in Davenport to be treated for what was described as “superficial wounds.”

A deputy checked out a report of a dispute between two individuals at Lakeview Terrace Mobile Home Park near Grand Coulee. A man claimed to have been pushed down a set of stairs just ahead of scheduled back surgery.

Reardan Police investigated a marijuana possession incident involving a student at Reardan High School.

Saturday, Nov. 3: An Edwall caller, concerned about recent break-ins, reported a dark colored Jeep was driven at slow speeds around the community prior to stopping at Christian Heritage School. A responding deputy was unable to locate the suspect vehicle.

A vehicle backed into a neighbor’s fence, which went through a window of a house in the 200 block of South 2nd Street in Odessa, causing damage to another vehicle as well.

Sunday, Nov. 4: A Sprague resident told dispatchers she wasn’t getting any help from city personnel with a “skunk issue” at her residence in the 300 block of West 1st Street. Sheriff’s personnel left a message with the local state Fish and Wildlife officer to see if he could be of assistance.

Wilbur ambulance and LifeFlight aerial ambulance personnel assisted a 75-year-old woman with possible heart-related problems. She was transported from the 700 block of NE North Avenue in Wilbur to the local airport, from which she was flown to a Spokane hospital.

A Davenport caller told dispatchers that loud music from a mobile home in the 1200 block of Eighth Street was interrupting her family’s attempt to watch the Seattle Seahawks game on TV. A responding deputy found no noise in the area.

A side door was kicked in and tools, video games and several other items were missing from a residence in the 34000 block of Miles Creston Road.

A Davenport woman reported receiving harassing text messages and that she was afraid the sender would find her and cause her harm.

Family members and friends advised dispatchers of a man who told them he was being chased by law enforcement – even though he wasn’t – and hiding out along Douglas Road in the Wilbur area. He eventually returned home to Grand Coulee and received assistance from his family.

Jail Bookings

Oct. 29: Chad Steven Oliver, 36, Spokane Valley, arrested by Washington State Patrol for driving while license suspended.

Oct. 31: Chad Richard Wyrick, 38, Spokane, arrested by Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) for second-degree theft and second-degree trafficking in stolen property.

Nov. 3: Shelby James Barchasch, 39, Reardan, arrested by LCSO for harassment.

Nov. 4: Jeremy Miles Dixon, 29, Airway Heights, arrested by LCSO on a Kennewick, Wash., warrant for driving while license suspended.

From Oct. 29 to Nov. 4, six individuals were held in the Lincoln County Jail under contract with the Washington State Department of Corrections.

Court Report

Superior Court

John F. Strohmaier, Judge

Criminal Sentencing

Oscar Venegas, 29, pleaded guilty Oct. 30 to possession of a stolen motor vehicle, second-degree driving while license suspended and driving under the influence in connection with an Oct. 27 incident in Davenport. His sentence includes 25½ months in jail, payment of $500 in court costs, and revocation of his driver’s license. He asked a dispatcher at the sheriff’s office to run a license plate on the car he subsequently drove away, refusing to obey another deputy’s command to stop. The vehicle was determined to have been stolen and Venegas was arrested during a traffic stop near the intersection of Sinclair and Eighth streets.

Vera V. Trots, 29, Springdale, pleaded guilty Oct. 30 to attempting to elude a pursuing police vehicle on Oct. 18. Her sentence includes 60 days in jail and payment of $800 court costs and $218.70 restitution to the sheriff’s office. The incident began during a traffic stop on U.S. 2 in Reardan and concluded when several law enforcement agencies pursued the vehicle Trots was driving to an onramp to Interstate 90, where it went out of control. A Lincoln County deputy’s patrol car also was rammed by the suspect vehicle during the incident.

New Civil Cases

In a foreclosure matter, Seven Bays Estates Unlimited seeks $7,307.35 in delinquent dues from Bonnie Winfree, who owns property on Airport Way. Claims for liens were filed in May 2016 and November 2017 and, according to the petitioner’s claim, she failed to respond to past due notices.

District Court

Dan B. Johnson, Judge

Editor’s note: These reports are based on forms filled out by the presiding judge during court sessions and subsequently reviewed by the newspaper.

Joshua Scott Hodges, Colville, probation violation (no valid operator’s license), 3 days jail converted to 24 hours community service.

Edwin C. Stretch, Spokane Valley, probation violation (first-degree negligent driving), 2 days jail converted to 16 hours community service, $695 court assessments.

Benjamin J. Polwarth, Spokane, probation violation (driving while license suspended), 1 day jail, $100 court costs.

Michael Lorns Maltais, Okanogan, Wash., speeding (16 mph over limit), $166.

Julia V. Yevchenko, Spokane, fail to renew expired vehicle tabs, $140; operating motor vehicle without insurance, $190.

Dickendy Barthelemy, Walla Walla, Wash., speeding (12 over), contested, found committed, $156.

Michael Shane Stephens, Ford, operating motor vehicle without insurance, $190.

Frederick Manfred Simon, Spokane, no valid operator’s license, $140.

Micah Judah Seekins, Grand Coulee, speeding (12 over), $125.

Cynthia A. Quezada, Wenatchee, Wash., speeding (20 over), $187; operating motor vehicle without insurance, $190.

Cornelius Paul Walter, Odessa, operating or possessing vehicle without registration, $110; operating vehicle without insurance, dismissed, $25 administrative fee.

Danne-Jo Hudson, Spokane, fail to renew expired vehicle registration, $140.

Timothy Joseph Hillyard, Davenport, operating motor vehicle without insurance, $190.

Amy Ann Glover, Grand Coulee, nuisance (barking dog), $110.

Logan Evan Elliott, Wilbur, no valid operator’s license, $140; fail to stop or yield at intersection, $110; fail to signal, $110.

Alicia N. Edwards, Nespelem, speeding (22 over), $218.

Lora Lenore Doohan, Spokane Valley, speeding in school playground zone, contested, found not committed.

Damon Darrell Day, Coulee Dam, passing in no-passing zone, $125.

Christian S. Hergert, St. John, Wash., fail to renew expired vehicle registration, $140.

Louis Robert Ayala, Spokane, improper lane usage, contested, found not committed.

Bonnie Earl Uzeta, Spokane Valley, speeding (14 over), $140; operating motor vehicle without insurance, dismissed, $25 administrative penalty.

Barbara Lucy A. Cox, Nespelem, speeding (10 over), $110; no valid operator’s license, $140; operating motor vehicle without insurance, $190.

Dana Rochelle Connell, Arlington, Wash., speeding (15 over), $156; fail to notify state Department of Licensing of address change, $110.

Adam William E. Cogswell, Davenport, speeding (17 over), $187.

Whitney Rose Bjornberg, Reardan, fail to renew expired vehicle registration, $140.

Ian Gardiner Bigger, Fairchild AFB, speeding (16 over), $178; operating motor vehicle without insurance, dismissed, $25 administrative fee.

Stephen B. Beck, Airway Heights, speeding (13 over), $125.

Michael William Addie, Marysville, Wash., speeding (10 over), $105; no valid operator’s license, $140.

Aida Herlinda Viniegra, Ephrata, Wash., speeding (16 over), $156,

Kelly Lynne Rafford, Hunters, speeding (13 over), $125; operating motor vehicle without insurance, $400.

Inez Lynnette Susol, Ford, operating motor vehicle without insurance, dismissed, $25 administrative fee.

Marriage Licenses

Lincoln County Auditor

Steven Allen Britts, 67, and Kerri Bea Brigman, 54, both of Fruitland.

Marriage Dissolutions

Lincoln County Clerk

New filings: 17 involving persons living outside Lincoln County.



Lincoln County Treasurer

Janice R. Sullivan (personal representative, estate of Larry D. Schroeder), Washtucna, Wash., to H.A. and Linda S. Rowell (trustees, Rowell Living Trust), Pasco, Wash. – property at 2064 Hopp Road North, Odessa (portion of southwest quarter of Sec. 22, T21N, R33E), $79,750.

City of Sprague, Sprague, to Dorothy Giddings, Steve S. and Jill L. Sheffels, Sprague – portion of northeast quarter of Sec. 23, T21N, R38E, $1,200.

Ellen K. Schafer, Lavern J. Strawn and JoAnn M. Hardt (co-trustees), Odessa, to Ellen K. Schafer and JoAnn M. Hardt, Odessa – all of Sec. 21, west half of Sec. 26, north half of Sec. 27 and northeast quarter of Sec. 28, all in T23N, R31E, $0.

Gordon and Billie Herron, Harrington, to Jay Gossett, Harrington – property at 3 South Third Street, Harrington (portions of Lots 4, 5 and 6, Blk. 39, Original Town of Harrington), $30,000.

Ellen K. Schafer and JoAnn M. Hardt, Odessa, to D & M Janke Family LLC, Odessa

all of Sec. 21, west half of Sec. 26, north half of Sec. 27 and northeast quarter of Sec. 28, all in T23N, R31E, $0.

Eric C. and Katie R. Laflin, Muskego, Wis., to Matthew J. and Elizabeth P. Lagergren, Fairchild AFB – property at 601 Merriam Street, Davenport (Lot 5, Blk. 62, Morgan’s Addition to Davenport), $155,000.

Gerald R. Dunn (personal representative, estate of Leo B. Alexander), Havre, Mont., to Matt Hugh Alexander, Reardan – northeast quarter of Sec. 28, T25N, R39E, $0.

Sara J. Shupe, Spokane, to Larry L. Smith, Sprague – property at 412 South B Street, Sprague (Lots 6, 7 and east half of 8, Blk. 27, Addition to City of Sprague), $0.

US Bank National Association (trustee, RMAC Trust), Irvine, Calif., to Herman Fredrick Sunderman, Jr., Davenport – property at 1219 Washington Street, Davenport (west third of Lot 4 and all of Lot 5, Blk. 13, Dillon’s Addition to Town, now City, of Davenport), $60,000.

Sandra Sue Libsack, Odessa, to Taylor R. and Kaylie Aaland, Odessa – property at 409 East Marjorie Avenue, Odessa (portion of Sec. 5, T21N, R33E), $145,000.

St. John Hardware and Implement Co., Inc., Fairfield, Wash., to Casey F. and Trea L. Nonnemacher, Davenport – property at 48006 East Hall Avenue, Edwall (Lots 4-6, Blk. 10, Town of Edwall, and Lots 2-12, Blk. 4, Hotchkiss Addition to Town of Edwall), $85,000.

Valarie Viviani (personal representative, estate of Bonnie J. Maxwell), Santa Cruz, Calif., to Perry David Maxwell and Lori O. Maxwell, Ridgecrest, Calif. – property at 30825 Starkel Road North (portion of northeast quarter of Sec. 31, T26N, R31E), $37,000.

Sharyn Benner, Spokane, to Erik Ahlbin, Davenport – property at 37782 Hawk Creek Road, Davenport (portion of northeast quarter of Sec. 30, T27N, R36E), $60,000.

Gene and DeLynn R. Hughes, Miami, Ariz., to Samantha P. Rodgers, Reardan – property at 335 South Laurel Street, Reardan (Lots 8-9 and portions of Lots 7 and 10, Blk. 32, Town of Reardan), $160,000.

Erica Rosana Ridout and Paul Gast, Kenmore, Wash., to ASM Agricultural LLC, Kenmore, Wash. – undivided one-third interest in undivided one-half interest in north half of Sec. 31, T26N, R34E, $0.

Brade D. Barbre, Creston, to Brade Barbre, Crystal Barbre and Luke Barbre (each a one-third interest), Seattle, Wash. – property at 38333 Pine Tree Lane North, Rt. 1 (portion of southwest quarter of Sec. 19, T27N, R35E), $0.

Vagabond Rentals LLC, Bellevue, Wash., to Landon J. Lobe, Odessa – property at 403 and 405 East 4th Avenue, Odessa (Lots 9-10 and 11-12, Blk. 36, Pattee and Lyons Addition to Town of Odessa), $97,000.


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