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Diary of a mad, fat, bipolar woman #5


Last updated 11/30/2018 at 1:19am

My favorite time of the year is the holidays. I know everyone says that, but there is just something so special about them.

Yes, we usually have to increase our belt sizes and our wallet usually shrinks, but to me it is a glorious time.

I am not the type of person who counts every present I have under the tree. As a matter of fact, it is very rarely that I have a present under the tree. Kind of depressing, I know, and it can make me sad, only because others will ask, “What did you get?” When I say, “Nothing,” they gasp and tell me how sorry for me they are.

I don’t have presents for a reason. Every year I ask for the same thing – for my family to make sure that they each have gifts and to make sure to give to people in need.

I love taking the kids to the store and having them pick out gifts for people in need. Or taking them to the grocery store to buy that holiday dinner for a family that is struggling.

My heart fills with the Holy Spirit this time of year and it is my mission to do as God put us here to do, to take care of one another.

I am the fat, jolly old lady organizing those crazy cold hay rides to go Christmas caroling, making sure to stop at the senior living facilities so that everyone gets to enjoy the holidays.

There is nothing like crowding into a dining room and singing to a bunch of seniors who are singing right along with you, or coming upon that house with no Christmas decorations and a grumpy person, offering them a homemade cookie, singing a special song and watching their grimace turn to a smile.

No matter how much or how little my family may have this time of year, it is important that people who have less are on our mind. My husband and I both know just how important it is to always put others first.

Robert (my husband) is a very special man, who rebuilds used bikes for people who can’t afford one. He will also be the first to invite a friend down on their luck to the holiday dinner, even though he himself does not like to celebrate.

Odessa had its annual Turkey Carnival Bingo, giving out a ton of turkeys to the bingo winners. Three of those winners were Tammy Tokas, Karen Carlson and Marilyn Carlson. Each of them won multiple turkeys. Did they keep them for themselves? No! They kept one for themselves and donated the rest to low-income families and the food bank.

The Monday before Thanksgiving, I found out that a good friend and neighbor of mine did not have anything for Thanksgiving dinner. Unfortunately, because they try not to go to the local food bank very often, so that others may be able to take advantage of it, they did not qualify for the Thanksgiving boxes that were being given away. This angered me, A LOT. Here is someone who is truly in need and cannot get help for their family because they do not overuse a resource. So on Monday, after I picked up my daughter from the Boys and Girls Club, we headed to the nearest grocery store to take care of my friends’ Thanksgiving needs. We purchased an entire dinner for them, including pie. The smiles on their faces were more than worth all the money that could have been spent. Does it cut my personal grocery budget short for the month? Yes, but we'll make due, even if it means eating Top Ramen and PB&J sandwiches for the next couple of weeks.

We all need to look around this holiday season and see who in our community or other communities may need a bit of kindness this holiday season. Check on your elderly neighbor and maybe bring them a nice hot meal. If you see a child heading to or from school and he or she doesn’t have a coat, spend a few dollars and buy them one.

I know it is hard. We need to get things for all of our family members and friends, but do they really NEED a $300 game system? Could you maybe spend a little less and help a family who knows what it is like to have nothing?

Always remember, “If there is love in your heart and your mind, you will feel like Christmas all the time.”


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