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December 6, 2018

Editor’s note: Most items in this section reflect the starting point for response by local police and emergency agencies. The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office does not release names of individuals who report possible criminal or suspicious activities to dispatchers or alleged victims for this column.

Monday, Nov. 26: Corrections deputies separated two male inmates in the county jail after an altercation occurred.

A battery was removed from a lawnmower owned by the City of Sprague while parked at the grange at Gheres and Doerschlag roads.

Four black cows were spotted walking on SR 25 about 21 miles north of Davenport.

A woman who may have been under the influence of a controlled substance showed up at a deputy’s residence in Wilbur. She told him she was told in a vision to bring him the wood craft box she had in her hands with items inside that she claimed she had removed from the crumbling foundation of the Govan schoolhouse. After returning them there, the deputy warned her she would face a trespassing citation if she did this again.

Deputies responded to a report that a person was inside a Rural Resources building on Ross Street in Davenport “getting in people’s faces and throwing things.”

Odessa Police took a woman’s report that someone burned her belongings, valued at about $1,000, in the backyard of a residence in the 200 block of South Alder Street. A man was arrested on a malicious mischief charge.

Tuesday, Nov. 27: Reardan emergency medical personnel and Davenport ambulance responded to a Reardan woman’s request for assistance with neck and back pain she said originates from an old injury.

Deputies investigated a possible incident of elder abuse in the Wilbur area.

A caller reported forced entry to a shop on property adjacent to Starkel Road North in the Almira area. A door was kicked in but it was uncertain whether any items were missing.

A Sprague man told dispatchers his son was the victim of harassment inflicted by another juvenile boy.

A caller expressed concern about semi-trucks traveling at high speeds and cutting corners on Hawk Creek Road near a school bus stop, suggesting that children could be in danger. Deputies and Davenport School District personnel were advised as a precaution.

A Wilbur woman was arrested for trespassing after deputies responded to an unwanted person call at a residence in that community where a dispute over custody of a 6-year-old boy was in progress.

Wednesday, Nov. 28: Responding to a residence on Larene Road, Davenport ambulance personnel assisted a 28-year-old man with a broken leg.

A flatbed tow truck went off Tickle Hill Road near Gunning Road and into a ditch after hitting a slick spot.

Sprague School District personnel confiscated a vaping pen from a high school boy.

A report of possible animal abuse at property adjacent to Moos Road near Edwall was determined to be unfounded.

A Harrington area woman told dispatchers she was scammed out of her Social Security number after responding by phone to a letter that appeared to be from a bank inviting her to apply for a credit card. After she provided her personal information, the one on the other end of the line abruptly ended the call.

A man was arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm after deputies responded to a report of an “aggressive” individual at a residence on SR 25 north of Davenport.

A woman required care at Lincoln Hospital in Davenport after another woman, believed to have been intoxicated, grabbed her by the shoulders, threw her down and fell on top of her inside a residence in the 100 block of East Railroad in Reardan. The alleged victim told Reardan Police she also had been struck with a wooden bed frame.

A school bus driver was forced to suddenly stop, with students on board, after a truck pulled out in front of it at the intersection of Knapp and Kramer Farms roads near Odessa.

Deputies responded to a report of a fight involving a man and woman at the corner of 4th and E streets in Sprague.

A woman told dispatchers she believes she was being deliberately followed for about 10 miles by another vehicle while traveling in the vicinity of Knack Road East, south of Davenport.

Thursday, Nov. 29: In three separate calls, a 62-year-old Davenport man first reported that someone was vandalizing the roof of Lincoln Hospital, then that he was being held against his will, and repeating his expectation that law enforcement would come to help him. A local ambulance crew got him from his Cottonwood Springs apartment to the hospital for treatment for a possible broken hip.

Two ladders valued at about $500, along with other items, were reported stolen from property adjacent to Miles Creston Road near Creston.

Deputies apprehended a man after he fled a traffic stop on foot on U.S. 2, near Govan Road, just east of Almira.

A deputy told dispatchers he just watched a semi-truck hit a yellow Lab at the intersection of Morgan and Fifth streets in Davenport.

Davenport schools went on a brief lockdown as deputies searched for a wanted man in a vehicle that was reported to have crashed into a yard adjacent to 10 Main Street. Getting out of the running car, he reportedly jumped over a fence and was finally apprehended on Third Street.

Responding to the 800 block of Maxwell Street, Davenport ambulance personnel assisted an 18-year-old man who had lost consciousness.

After a pickup truck got stuck on Titchenal Road East, a responding deputy found himself issuing a citation for driving while license suspended to one of the female occupants that had requested assistance.

Odessa Police investigated the possible poisoning of a family’s pet dog in the 400 block of South Birch Street.

Responding to the 300 block of West 2nd Avenue, Odessa ambulance personnel assisted a man experiencing flu-like symptoms and COPD.

A caller reported someone was shooting at ducks at Hawk Creek campground.

Friday, Nov. 30: A male inmate may have suffered a broken nose during a fight with another inmate in the county jail. These were the same two men who had to be separated from each other on Monday.

A Davenport man told dispatchers he and his son had been threatened on Thanksgiving by a man who said he had a gun “and knows how to use it.”

A Lincoln resident asked for extra patrols to curb vehicles speeding on Sterling Valley Road where children were at play.

Superior Court personnel requested a deputy’s presence after a man became “very upset and agitated” with a court order that had just been announced.

A farmer phoned dispatchers after discovering a pickup truck parked in a field of freshly seeded winter wheat adjacent to Four Corners Road near the Mondovi cemetery. A responding deputy got in touch with the driver, who told him he was hunting nearby and was “not aware” he was parked on winter wheat.

Two callers expressed their concern about a man they believe is harassing them and other family members in Davenport.

Reardan Police checked out a woman’s report that the back passenger door of her car had been keyed while parked at the school for an evening event.

Saturday, Dec. 1: Responding to the 400 block of West 5th, Sprague ambulance personnel assisted a woman experiencing stomach and chest pain.

A collision involving a vehicle and deer was reported on SR 28 about 10 miles south of Davenport.

After a caller told dispatchers about a teenage girl walking along U.S. 2 just west of SR 231, a responding deputy located her and returned her to nearby Virgil Road, where the vehicle she and her mother were traveling in had gotten stuck.

A caller reported unwanted hunters on property adjacent to Wilbur Hardy Road East.

A Reardan man told local police he had to use a stick to chase away an aggressive dog in the 100 block of East Railroad Avenue.

Sunday, Dec. 2: A woman described as “extremely intoxicated” was taken to jail after deputies responded to a reported assault incident in the 400 block of NW Dellah Avenue in Wilbur. She claimed a man slapped her in the face and she slapped him back.

A caller asked for assistance with his wife, a diabetic with “multiple medical issues” who was alternating between consciousness and unconsciousness.

A deputy investigated a report of a burglary at a house in the vicinity of SR 21 and Alderson Road near Wilbur.

After a Reardan area caller expressed concern about a tenant who yelled at him, a responding deputy offered advice on what to do.


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