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2nd-quarter Science/Engineering Peer Choice Awards


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Jeff Wehr

Top science project winners present results at school assembly: Nathan Carstensen, Ryan Moffet, Tori Weishaar, Eric Johnston, Tim DeWulf, Josh Clark, Ireland Luiten, Sarina Goetz, Ceianne Mankel, Maddie Scrupps, Charleigh Cornett, Chloe Winkler, Emily Scrupps, Pilot Weishaar and science teacher Jeff Wehr.

Over the past few weeks before the winter break, the Odessa High School and Junior High School science students had been busy conducting independent science research entitled the Second Quarter Research Project. This project is designed to encapsulate the knowledge and the ability to formulate a testable research question, design and execute an experiment with quantifiable results, scientifically compare the experimental results with a control method and discuss their findings with the rest of the class via a formal presentation. Although this project divulges each student's knowledge regarding science, it also teaches them other skills such as manipulating technological probe ware, writing scientifically, creating complex presentations and time management.

As each student presented his or her findings to the rest of their peers, they all scored one another based on scientific thought and presentation skill. The peer scores, research paper scores and presentation scores are then collectively averaged, and the top four projects are selected. Just as scientists peer-review one another's research, our students do the same. This has become known as the 2Q OHS Peer Choice Awards in Science and Engineering. The first-place award winners were invited to present their research during a grade 6-12 school assembly held January 10. They did an excellent job presenting. All students passing the 2Q Research Project are welcome to present their research at a public or community event to earn Honors Credit in any of the high school sciences.

Division of Integrated Sciences:

1st: Chloe Winkler, "The Comparison of Fir and Alder on the Amount of Ash Created When Burned."

2nd: Emily Scrupps, "The Comparison of Decibel Level On High-Frequency Waves and On Lower-Frequency Waves on Ice."

3rd: Charleigh Cornett, "The Comparison of Hemp Fibers and Organic Cotton on the R-Value in a Cup."

4th: Nathan Carstensen, "The Effect of Varying Temperature of Water in Relation to the Rate that the Water Temperature Drops."

Division of Biological Sciences:

1st: Maddie Scrupps, "The Effect of Washed, Not Washed, and Sanitized Hands on Bacteria."

2nd: Pilot Weishaar, "The Effect of Microwave Radiation on Plant Growth."

3rd: Tim DeWulf, "The Effect of Burnt Straw Mixed with Soil on the Mass of Wheat."

4th: Ceianne Mankel, "Bacteria Growth in Milk."

Jeff Wehr

The presenters and 1st place winners, for the Science/Engineering Peer Choice Award's: Ireland Luiten, Tori Weishaar, Eric Johnston, Emily Scrupps and Chloe Winkler.

Division of Chemistry:

1st: Eric Johnston, "Creating a Corn Oil and Soybean Oil Biodiesel Fuel Source to Test Maximum Burn Temperature and Burn Time against Regular Diesel."

2nd: Ireland Luiten, "The Effect of Vegetable Oil, Motor Oil, Water, and Avocado Oil on the Height of the Ferro-fluid Reaction."

3rd: Joshua Clark "The Correlation between the Amount of Glue in a Bouncy Ball and How High It Bounces."

4th: Ryan Moffet, "The Correlation between Battery Voltage and the Different Salinity of Saltwater"

Division of Physics and Engineering:

1st: Tori Weishaar, "The Alteration of the Surface Area of an Arrow Tip and the effect on the Force of Impact and the Depth of Penetration."

2nd: Sarina Goetz, "The Correlation between Headphone Type and Sound Intensity."


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