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K-12 academic assembly


February 28, 2019

Terri King

Odessa High School students with a 4.0 grade point average for first semester are recognized during the Academic Assembly held in the school's multipurpose room February 11: Tori Weishaar, Eric Johnston, Ireland Luiten, Ryan Moffet, Nathan Carstensen, Charleigh Cornett, Emily Scrupps and Pilot Weishaar.

On February 11, the Odessa School District held its fifth annual academic assembly to recognize the accomplishments of its students. The program was held in the school multipurpose room.

Senior class member Brenna Carstensen led the participants in the flag salute. Fellow senior Megan Shafer welcomed those present to the assembly for acknowledging students who strive daily for success in their classes.

School principal Jamie Nelson then awarded a certificate and a gold pin to each high school student who achieved a 4.0 grade-point average for Semester 1: Megan Shafer, Tori Weishaar, Eric Johnston, Ireland Luiten, Ryan Moffet, Pilot Weishaar, Nathan Carstensen, Charleigh Cornett and Emily Scrupps.

A certificate and silver pin were awarded to students achieving high honors (3.75-3.99 GPA): Camden Weber, Maddy Wagner, Joshua Clark, Marcus King, Caitlyn Schuh, Kaya Curo, Tim DeWulf, Jett Nelson, Maddie Scrupps, Alyssa Iverson, Colton Messer, Chloe Winkler, Paul Sheldon, Alyssa McKinney and Drew Hardung.

Honors students (3.5-3.74 GPA) received a certificate and bronze pin: Jordan Larmer, Brenna Carstensen, Destiny German, Jaden Hunt, Josie Westmoreland, Brady Walter, Katreace Boss, Keith Strebeck, Nick Larson and Daeton Deife.

Following a short interval for picture-taking and congratulations, junior-high students were awarded certificates for academic excellence in Semester 1 (4.0 GPA): Yvette Davey, Laela Hardung, Grace Nelson, Kaytlyn Shafer, Zach Claassen, Austin Read, Jacob Scrupps and Dakota Steward.

Those receiving high honors (3.75-3.99) were Ashlyn Neilsen, Zane Rosman, Gage Starkel, Collin Martin, Destiny Wiles, Hayden Schuh and Chad Strebeck and those receiving honors (3.5-3.74) were Macey Singer, Austin Iverson, Joshua Valverde, Trenidee Zyph, Melloney Deife and Tysen Kuchenbuch.

Outstanding English Awards Keen readers

Kindergarten: Jameson Elder and Adileny Juarez.

1st grade: Dottie Schafer and Gavin Scrupps.

2nd grade: Colt Lewis and Talya Leffler.

3rd grade: Serenity Hicks.

4th grade: Leah Iverson, Jordyn Lewis and Hunter Kramer.

5th grade: Cheyenne Parker and Devin Nelson.

Super spellers

1st grade: Layton Albertson and Katherine Roberson.

2nd grade: Alex Veliz Gosline and Aubrey Iverson.

3rd grade: Ellamae Haase and Cannon Roberson.

4th grade: Morgan Lewis and Oceanna Reeves.

5th grade: Max Peterson and Ethan McKinney.

Writing and overall English skills

Kindergarten: Carter Sumner and Robbie Peterson.

1st grade: Macklin Strode and Isabella Barber.

2nd grade: Kaleb Walter and Crystal DeVore.

3rd grade: Braylyn Scheckel and Treig Wagner.

4th grade: Ruby Maddock and Aubrey Durbin.

5th grade: Abbey Keys and Devin Nelson.

6th grade: Elizabeth Peterson (creative thinking) and Xavier Hicks (character analysis).

7th grade: David Strode (details expert), Destiny Wiles (outstanding journalist) and Jade Maddock (outstanding overall English).

8th grade: Trenidee Zyph (strong writer award).

9th grade: Morgan Sandoval, Samantha Peterson and Caleb Dills.

10th grade: Katreace Boss.

11th grade: Kenadie Elder.

12th grade: Destiny German.

Award for not giving up: Lane Lobe

Teacher appreciation video (from student perspective) presented by Caitlyn Schuh, who said, "We wanted to acknowledge our staff who go out of their way each day to help the students at Odessa learn. Even though we had a little fun with this video, we totally appreciate the staff members of the Odessa School District."

Outstanding Science Awards

Kindergarten: Alex McClure and Simon King.

2nd grade: Sandra Nelson and Bradly Latham.

3rd grade: Isaiah Kuch and Emmanuel Zaragoza.

4th grade: Caleb Frick and Brandon Nelson.

Outstanding science students in grades 5 through 8 received awards due to their hard work, respectful behavior, helpfulness toward others and for giving their full attention each day.

Discovery science: Ethan McKinney and Rebecca Bramer.

Life science: Sean Widger and Kenzy Kuchenbuch.

Physical science: Destiny Wiles and Jacob Scrupps.

Earth science: Trenidee Zyph and Grace Nelson.

High School Top in Class

Placement in Peer Review Awards, class average and highest semester final scores.

Integrated science: Chloe Winkler.

Biology and computer science: Pilot Weishaar.

Chemistry: Ireland Luiten.

Physics: Tori Weishaar.

Advanced Science Research (ASR): Natosha Boss.

High School Motivated-to-Learn Award

(for willingness to participate, working within the time frame, being helpful to other students)

Intergrated science: Hayden Miller.

Biology: Kaya Curo.

Chemistry: Joshua Clark.

Physics: Sarina Goetz.

Computer science: Colton Messer.

ASR: Maddie Scrupps.

Outstanding Music Awards Excellence in Music

1st grade: Olivia Gies.

2nd grade: Paige Martin.

3rd grade: Serenity Hicks.

4th grade: Leah Beth Claassen

Excellence in Band

5th grade: Troy Hardung

6th grade: Holden Iverson

7th/8th grade: Jacob Scrupps and KC Beldin

High School: Pilot Weishaar

Outstanding Social Studies Awards

2nd grade: Mallory DeVore and Hudson Walter.

3rd grade: Eli Quesada and Ella Schlomer.

4th grade: Izaak Schmierer and Sawyer W.alter

5th grade: Troy Hardung and Aiden Schmierer.

6th grade: Holden Iverson

7th grade: Zachary Claassen

8th grade: Yvette Davey

Social Awareness: Douglas Anderson.

9th grade US History: Emily Scrupps

Civics: Ireland Luiten and Ryan Moffet.

Current World Problems: Megan Schafer

Elementary Singing and Kindness Week Overview presented by Mrs. Ryan.

Outstanding Visual Art Awards (for positive behavior, hard work and creativity)

Kindergarten: Taryen Carroll and Xavier Wells

1st grade: Dulce Chavez and Sylest Hale

2nd grade: Flor Chavez and Mayci Hayduk

3rd grade: Christian Palmer and Serenity Hicks

4th grade: Ruby Maddock and Oceanna Reeves

5th grade: Jose Zaragoza and Ashley Zagelow

High School: Arianna German and Trenten Zyph

Outstanding Math Awards

Kindergarten: Ruger Meise and Katie Chvosta.

1st grade: Blakely Gorman and Carlos Reyes.

2nd grade: Matthew Palmer and Paige Martin.

3rd grade: Amaya Goodnight and Treig Wagner.

4th grade: Leah Beth Claassen and Hadyn Reynolds.

5th grade: John Melcher, Troy Hardung and Jose Zaragoza.

6th grade: Mackenzie Lutz.

7th grade: Jacob Scrupps and Tyesn Kuchenbuch.

8th grade: Macey Singer.

Algebra: Grace Nelson.

Geometry: Chloe Winkler.

Algebra II: Pilot Wishaar.

Pre-calculus: Ireland Luiten.

Calculus: Tori Weishaar.

Bridge to math: Jordan Larmer.

Outstanding Effort and Positive Attitude PE Awards

Kindergarten: Taryen Carroll and Isaiah Cannon

1st grade: Carlos Reyes, Katherine Roberson and Leland Rodrigues.

2nd grade: Kaleb Walter and Crystal DeVore.

3rd grade: Isaiah Kuch and Serenity Hicks.

4th grade: Hadyn Reynolds and Dominic Hicks.

5th grade: Dominic Hicks and Troy Hardung.

6th grade: Corbyn Neilsen and Kenzie Kuchenbuch.

7th grade: Zachary Claassen and Hayden Schuh.

8th grade: Isaiah Chavez and Grace Nelson.

9th grade: Drew Hardung and Charleigh Cornett.

High School w/Mr. Nelson: Maddie Scrupps and Pilot Weishaar.

High School w/Mr. Todd: Destiny German and Trenten Zyph.

Vocational Awards Agriculture

Stick to It Award: Mya Boss

Best in Greenhouse Management Award: Rachel Anderson

Today's Student, Tomorrow's Leader Award: Katreace Boss

Best in Ag Class Award: Anthony Wiles.

STAR Student Awards

Elementary students who best displayed the Strive for Success, Trustworthy, Achievement, Respectful and Safe behaviors on a regular basis.

Kindergarten: Taryen Carroll and Jack Anderson.

1st grade: Elizabeth Smith and Decklin Hahne.

Terri King

Odessa Junior High students who achieved a first semester 4.0 GPA are Yvette Davy, Laela Hardung, Grace Nelson, Austin Read, Zachary Claassen, Dakota Steward and Jacob Scrupps.

2nd grade: Vivian Smith and Mayci Hayduk.

3rd grade: Xzavier Miranda and Kendyll Rosman.

4th grade: Leah Beth Claassen and Leah Iverson.

5th grade: Rebecca Bramer and Ashley Zagelow.

This year Star Staff Awards were also started. Any student or staff member could fill out a Staff STAR ticket for a staff member who was helpful, respectful, kind or goes out of their way for someone.

Star Staff Members of the Week: Mr. Wehr, Ms. Caler, Mrs. Larson, Kevin Schaefer and Mrs. Ryan.

Mrs. Kuchenbuch, Mrs. Starkel, Mrs. Wehr and school cooks Becky Kolterman and Mikey Galloway were also recognized.

Excellence in Attendance Awards Presented by Principal Nelson

K-12 perfect attendance: Eric Johnston, Lane Lobe, Aaliyana Mendoza, Austin Read, Aubrey Iverson and Mallory DeVore.


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