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Writers express concerns for public safety issues

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To the Editor:

Just a warning, Spring is here, and yard cleanup after winter is underway. Those with pets should be aware. Ours are like our children, and I try to protect them as such. Most of the products we spray to kill the unwanted weeds and grasses are toxic to our pets! Most all dogs and cats eat weeds and grasses for one reason or another. I have seen dogs and cats that have eaten grass after being spayed. Some of the affects cause loss of appetite, vomiting of blood, etc., very similar to rat poisons in how they react when ingested by your pet. Until it rains good or it gets watered in well, it can still be toxic to them. I wish you and your pets a very long and happy life.

Pat Gamache


To the Editor:

My husband and I have lived in Lincoln County for 12 years. The reason I am writing is to point out two things. Listen up, people. Learn how to drive! The speed limit is 30 mph through town and it should be 25 mph. Because we live in a town that State Route 28 runs through, we get a lot of people passing through. They don’t slow down for pedestrians, especially on the First Ave. bridge.

Spring is here and summer is approaching fast. I’ve been walking my dogs up and down First Ave. for seven years now. Every day we walk across the bridge and watch cars, trucks, semis and motor homes fly by. That’s right, people, pedestrians are on that bridge every day – dog walkers, children, teenagers, adults, women with baby carriages. Slow down already!

So, my dogs and I stand before the crosswalks every day on First Ave. across from the pharmacy and watch cars and trucks approach the crosswalks. They are driving too fast to even stop at a crosswalk. When they see me and my dogs on the corner, they fly by and stop just right before the stop sign. Sometimes I am in the crosswalk, and people don’t even see me with my big white dog, my little chihuahua and my big white coat. How rude. The same is true for that crosswalk between the post office and the drive-in. Again, it is common courtesy to stop for pedestrians. Wake up, people.

Glenda P. Thomas



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