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Reader questions fairness of illegal immigrants in U.S.

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Last updated 5/7/2019 at 9:03pm

In 1869, the main Western Expansion started. The railroads began expanding to more towns and cities. They brought the people who cleared the land, established schools, built roads and made the west what it is today. Many of these people had come through Ellis Island which was the gateway for most immigrants.

Have people forgotten about our own countrymen who settled the unknown, lived through the Great Depression and two world wars? They think the hoards of people coming to the U.S. are coming to fill jobs? Do they know many of the lesser jobs in the U.S. will be replaced by machines or done away with?

Many of the people coming to the U.S. border en masse are being coached and encouraged by people who care not for them but for their own benefit.

Our country has laws and rules protecting us and the migrants as well. These laws are being ignored and abused by both sides of the argument.

Over the next year, a million migrants are expected to try illegal entry to the U.S. Is letting them just walk in fair to those who entered legally following those who came before?

Gerald W. Ray



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