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Last updated 6/15/2019 at 1:56am

Graduation. It's one of those fantastic moments when achievement at its greatest can be celebrated. Before you, sit the graduates; those who have fought through every semester's end filled with important projects and every unprepared test.

We thank you and welcome you – all the parents, teachers, family friends and anyone else who played a role in a graduate's life – to this ceremony. To see all of you in the crowd fills us all with a little extra pride. My name is Megan Shafer, and as Salutatorian I am delighted to say that I am proud of my fellow graduates.

Our class has always been an odd one. We are a conglomeration of different people and different ideas, all fueled to one day tackle the world. To say that there were a few class fights would be putting it lightly. I have to thank Mr. Moffet for that. While you did help us learn how to research and form our own opinions, your debates have been the root of more than one full-day class battle, and the idea that I would be the one to leap out of a desk to tackle another student.

For those of you wondering, no, I have never tackled anyone, and I'm not entirely sure where the idea started. Regardless, I have to thank Ms. Caler for those "class parties" where we all brought snacks to share and came closer as a class.

As we grew and matured, it's easy to say we all diverged onto different paths. We aren't the popular sports class or the humorous yet procrastinating class. I wouldn't know how to label our class, but for that I am thankful, because it means none of us are going to let others push us where they want us to go. I think this is one of the most important things to have for a class getting ready to head into the workforce or into college. To have our own ideas and opinions and to not budge from them is a skill viable for the world.

When I look at my classmates, my fellow graduates and, by 12 o'clock, my fellow struggling adults, I know that the society of tomorrow is in good hands. Our class is ambitious in its own way and determined to make some difference in the world, whether that be through planet promotion or medical assistance. I know that this class will go far. Though I know it's up to the graduates to decide how far they'll go, it's also thanks to those of you sitting in the chairs or the bleachers that I have high hopes for this class. It's thanks to all the nagging, all the help and all the support that these students, soon to be workers or students part two, are ready to take on the challenges presented once we become adults.

And I, for one, am excited to see this class explore and live their lives to the fullest. To get out there and see everything that life has to offer. I've been one to believe that Odessa is a great community for kids and teenagers alike, but now, it's time to see all that little Odessa doesn't offer.

So, to the graduates, good luck! Explore and live life.

To those of you who attended, thank you. Thank you for all your support, your help – for your volunteer hours and donations. On behalf of my class, I thank you all for making the time to be here today for one of the most important celebrations of our lives. Thank you.


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