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Letter to editor Farewell to beloved pet

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Last updated 7/4/2019 at 2:23pm

To the Editor:

I write this as a form of therapy for me! It helps in finalizing the passing of our dog (son) Tristen.

As I walk through the house, picking up Tristen’s toys after having to put him down for an aggressive decline from a brain tumor over the last two weeks, thoughts of all the cute things he did come flooding back to us! Like how he would come and wrinkle his nose and give both of us a kiss goodnight after we climbed into bed!

He was one very smart dog! We had to spell certain words because he knew exactly what was being said.

He knew how to tease his sister Riley when she wouldn’t play with him. Because for Riley balls were always more fun then anything else!

He would hide her ball somewhere in the house or outside in the yard, even go so far as to bury it so she would play with him. Spring cleaning and gardening always turned up bones and balls in the strangest of places.

Another time was when we took the dogs camping with us to our favorite spot on the river. Tristen was 9 or 10 weeks old then. Our spot was on top of a bank over looking the river.

Riley had her ball as usual. She set it down to get a drink of water. Tristan saw his chance ran over and picked it up. He made her chase him around running up to the top of the bank then dropping it down over the bank to make her chase after it, just like we had been doing to wear her out! He kept that up all weekend, making her chase the ball down that bank.

When we played ball in the yard, Riley was always the first to get it! Tristen would run alongside her while spinning in circles by her side at a full clip and never miss a step, never!

We could set a sandwich down on the end table in order to get the phone or check on laundry. You could even leave it for an hour or more! He would sniff but never take food! He just waited to see if there were leftovers to eat. Always waiting patiently for the crust off my sandwich after I finished it!

He always let Riley eat first! Very respectful of his elders. Such a sweet lovable dog!

When it came to sleep, he could lay in some of the most unusual ways. He’d hang his head over the edge of his bed with his butt higher then his head or cross his feet or legs and wrap one foot underneath the other in an x when he slept.

He also had to take a bone with him on a car ride. It was like his security blanket, or favorite toy to take on the ride!

We will forever miss you, Tristen! You’re in a great place now. No more pain! See you on the other side.

Mary & Pat Gamache



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