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September 12, 2019

Did you know September 13 is World Sepsis Day? I know I didn’t. I wasn’t even aware sepsis needed a worldwide day of recognition. In fact, Monday, September 9, was Wonderful Weirdoes Day, Opposite Day, Wienerschnitzel Day and if none of those suit your celebrating mood, there are even more you can choose from. Or on September 10, if you woke up feeling festive you could have celebrated National Boss/Employee Exchange Day, National Hug Your Hound Day, Pet Rock Day, Swap Ideas Day, TV Dinner Day or (World) Suicide Prevention Day.

When I started reading all these “observances,” I asked myself two things: “Who comes up with this stuff?” and “I wonder what crazy observance is on my or my family’s birthdays?” That was it, the search was on! Here are a few I found: September 4 (my birthday), was pretty mild for holiday observances with things like National Macadamia Nut Day and National Newspaper Carriers Day, but it was also World Sexual Health Day and Another Look Unlimited Day. September 5 has an observance that I’m definitely proficient at with “Be Late For Something Day.”

If your boyfriend’s birthday falls on July 17 they get “National Get Out of the Doghouse Day.”

It seems that we will use any excuse to have a celebration. Most days have multiple observances attached to them. A few of my favorites for each month are: Happy Mew Year for Cats Day: January 2. Spunky Old Broads Day: February 1. Day of The Dude: March 6. Charlie the Tuna Day: April 6. Batman Day: May 1. National Moonshine Day: June 5. International Cherry Pit Spitting Day: July 1. Friendship Day: August 3. Bacon Day: September 2. Frugal Fun Day: October 10. Plan Your Epitaph Day: November 2. International Ninja Day: December 5.

There are even odd weekly and monthly observances. For example, did you know that September 24-30 is Deaf Dog Awareness Week? Or that National Hand Washing Awareness Week is the first week of December?

If you can’t find that special day to observe the thing you are looking for, you can always submit a day for observance by filling out a form at and emailing it to

Just a reminder, today (9/12/19) is National Day of Encouragement, so don’t forget to celebrate.


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