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Council agenda: snow, cemetery, waste disposal


City Council

Mayor Haas opened the meeting Wednesday evening, with all members present: Richard Becker, Michael Cronrath, Peter Davenport, Levi Schenk and Justin Slack. Also present were Bunny Haugan, city clerk, Scott McGowan, maintenance, and one visitor Crystal Hickman.

Haas and McGowan gave the maintenance report. The frame on the snow plow was damaged and is at Harrington Truck and Auto. The council complimented the excellent work that the city crew has been doing with this quantity of snow. Presently, the crew is working to put the plow from the damaged truck onto what was the old plow truck. Discussion was held regarding a citizen’s anger expressed by piling snow on a city sidewalk that had already been cleared in retaliation for the city’s normal method of snow plowing that did not meet with his approval. The issue was apparently resolved, as the man removed the snow he had put on the sidewalk.

Discussion was also held on a hit-and-run driver who damaged a city street light at 3rd and Glover December 20. All information pertaining to the incident was referred to the Lincoln County Sheriff. The city crew will repair it. Avista replaced a power pole in the alley between Douglas and Lincoln that was damaged during snow removal.

The Lions Club flag project with the Homemakers Club to provide flags for the cemeteries has brought many compliments with the placing of the new flags across the west side of the cemetery. The unforeseen problem of storage of the flags and poles is now at issue. They are presently stored in the basement of city hall, which is less than convenient. The Lions are looking for a building that is free of mice and other rodents for storage of the flags. A shipping container had been suggested, but the council did not think it would be acceptable, even if concealed by a hedge or other greenery. It was agreed by the council that the aesthetics of the historic cemetery were a primary concern since donations are vital to its operation. [Author’s note: Following the council meeting Haas said he was considering repairing and remodeling the present service building on the cemetery grounds, as a possible project for the city and Lions Club to work on.]

The apple maggot quarantine continues to be challenging. The operator of the Lincoln County Transfer Station will be working with the city to establish a Green Waste Program. Haas has contacted Barr-Tech regarding a program, but so far there has been no feedback. More details are anticipated for the February meeting.

Haas continues to work with CenturyLink to resolve billing concerns, and is also working on preparations for all service to be through Spectrum Online. Haas will work at converting the copy machine to be more useful as an alternate fax machine which it is programmed to do.

Empire Disposal is our contracted municipal solid waste hauler. As of January 1, 2017, they started hauling city refuse to the transfer station in Lincoln County with only minor modifications in their pick-up route and schedule.

The new Lincoln County Law Enforcement Agreement for services was available to review. Following some discussion, the agreement was accepted by the council with a 4-1 vote.

Haas provided information on the levels of city funds in the various divisions. No funds are in the red, and most are in a healthy state. The garbage fund will be hit by the increased dumping fees in Lincoln County. “There is a need to educate citizens on good stewardship for garbage disposal,” said Councilman Becker, adding that the transfer station has educational literature available for the schools. Recycling glass was mentioned, but the transfer station’s recycling facility is no longer interested. The cemetery investment funds need to be reviewed for a better interest rate. The need for a new mower was discussed, as well as summer employment start and end dates.

A corrected LED Streetlight Conversion Agreement was presented from Avista. The council voted to authorize the mayor to sign the agreement. The conversion costs of $450 per street light has been calculated, and Avista will now invoice the city for submittal to the Transportation Improvement Board for reimbursement to be forwarded to Avista.

A contract from Okanogan County Transportation and Nutrition was received for renewal. The city provides a kitchen facility for the preparation of meals on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for about five hours at a cost of $9 per meal on serving days from January 1 to December 31, 2017. A motion was approved to accept the contract as received.

The council reminded the mayor to make sure that when he goes out of town for several days he leaves word as to when he will be leaving and returning. A conversation with the mayor pro tem prior to leaving was suggested.


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