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PDA, Paula Pike, opera house, no yard waste in dumpsters, library board


April 27, 2017

Public Development Authority

The Harrington Public Development Authority met April 11 at city hall with Paul Charlton, Allen Barth, Bunny Haugan, Margie Hall (Lincoln Co. EDC), Marge Womach, Cherie MacClellan and Heather Slack in attendance. A potential ad for Spectrum On-Line was discussed.

Slack brought the completed version of the tourist brochure for Harrington, containing photos of 3rd Street, the Harrington Golf and Country Club, the Studebaker Garage, the Opera House, Hillcrest Cemetery, The Covert House (bed ‘n breakfast) and the Harrington Hideaway RV Park. The decision was made to have Parks Print produce them.

The differences of focus between the PDA and the Chamber of Commerce were drawn: The PDA is an extension of the city government and its main purpose is to promote new businesses. The Chamber is separate from the city government and its attention goes toward supporting businesses that already exist.

Mention was made of the Mud Bogs, with no definite plans. Discussion was held regarding city ordinances that are not being enforced, with many citing the need for Harrington to have an enforcement officer. Grievances about ordinance violations should be addressed by letter to the city council. Also in preparation for the fast approaching Cruizin’ Harrington event, attention was drawn toward the poor signage for the golf course.

Paula Pike

In mid-March, Justin Bradford, local school superintendent, nominated Paula Pike for a Washington Association of School Administrators Community Service Award in which she was invited to attend the group’s awards luncheon April 21 at Center Place in the Spokane Valley.  The Community Leadership Award criteria for recognition includes:  Benefit to students, Leadership, Motivation, Success, Cooperation, Recognition by others and History of service.

Bradford’s recommendation: Paula Pike is an active member of the Harrington community. Her grandchildren attend our school and she joined the Harrington PTA to help support them and the school. She is a tireless volunteer for PTA, coming out to fundraisers and working long hours. As a prolific quilter, she has donated several of her quilts to be used in PTA raffles to raise funds for playground equipment and new stage curtains. When she found out we needed a new stage curtain (which could cost up to $8,000), she volunteered to sew an entirely new curtain, which is a herculean undertaking. Between her sewing skills and the PTA’s fundraising skills, they will be able to make a new curtain and save our district $8,000. The most remarkable trait about Paula Pike, however, aside from her intense work ethic, is her joyful and positive attitude about work, about children, about the school, about her community – in short, about life! She is always optimistic and hopeful. She never doubts that a task can be accomplished. She never speaks a negative word about others. She never stops smiling. When someone asks for help, she always responds, “I can do that!” She personifies what it means to do something with a “happy heart.” Harrington School is extremely thankful that we have Paula Pike as part of our team and our community.

A crowd of more than 100 was present from eastern Washington school districts for the awards luncheon. Paula Pike with her daughter, Kimberly Brown, as guest attended the lovely luncheon.  Darren Mattozzi, school board president and designee for Bradford, and Tiffany Clouse, Harrington 3-4th-grade teacher, also joined in honoring Pike for the Community Leadership Award.  

One of the amazing women who helped shape Pike’s life was the great aunt who taught her to sew when she was but five years of age. Pike now continues the tradition of sharing talents and enthusiasm with the young as well as with her peers. Each project is treated like a recipe, she adds whatever ingredients she has available. She has stated that she “loves helping at the school and in our community. I have always felt like I belong here and truly like and love many in the community.” Not surprisingly, she is also a member of the Chamber of Commerce, where she generates ideas, plans, enthusiasm and interest.  

Opera House Society

The next event at the Harrington Opera House is April 29. Heidi Muller and Bob Webb, contemporary folk musicians, will perform original songs and traditional tunes. They will feature dulcimers, guitars, mandolin, electric cello and Muller’s crystalline vocals. This will be a magnificent acoustical performance. Tickets at the door are $15.

Attention Harrington


Effective immediately, “green waste” may not be put in dumpsters due to the apple maggot and the resultant quarantine in Harrington.  Green waste has been defined as leaves, twigs, branches, lawn clippings, etc. The city is working on a management plan. 


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