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Last updated 6/15/2019 at 12:56am


Dan B. Johnson, Judge

Editor’s note: These reports are based on forms filled out by the presiding judge during court sessions and subsequently reviewed by the newspaper.

Marcella V. Buter, Colville, speeding (20 mph over limit), $187 penalty; no valid operator’s license, $140 penalty.

Mark Sergey Manzhura, Brush Prairie, Wash., speeding (17 over), $166.

Joseph Lawrence McCrea, Wellpinit, speeding (11 over), $136; operating motor vehicle without liability insurance, $190.

Nathan William Mills, Veradale, speeding (28 over), $259.

Derek B. Piaso, Davenport, illegal use of studded tires, $110.

Sean Christian Powell, Spokane Valley, speeding (17 over), $165.

Jeunghee Preble, Davenport, speeding (15 over), $125.

Andrew Jacob Vetsch, Hunters, speeding (15 over), $156.

Michael Clair Sivorot, Airway Heights, operating motor vehicle without insurance, $190.

Jesse Micah Domingo, Spokane, speeding (22 over), contested, found committed, $187; operating motor vehicle without insurance, dismissed, $25 administrative penalty.

Kaleb Parker Horn, Grand Coulee, speeding (10 over), contested, found not committed.

Kristina Ilene Goetz, Ritzville, speeding (5 over), $105.

James Leslie Sandhop, Kettle Falls, passing in no-passing zone, $125.

Carlos Vargas Membreno, Lynnwood, Wash., glazed tinted windows at maximum tint, contested, found committed, $136 penalty.

James George Lucescu, Vancouver, Wash., speeding (10 over), $125.

Hollyjo Dawn Carriere, Davenport, illegal use of studded tires, $110; operating motor vehicle without insurance, dismissed, $25 administrative penalty.

Vincent Edward Dicerto, Davenport, operating motor vehicle without insurance, $190; illegal use of studded tires, $110.

Sergey Gennad’y Didenko, Spokane, recreational fishing rule violation, $110.


Lincoln County Auditor’s Office

Michael Brent Timm, 22, Oroville, Wash., and Catherine Denise Marie Mangis, 19, Davenport.

Donald Norman Phillips, 73, Spokane Valley, and Gayle Ann Anderberg, 76, Spangle, Wash.


Lincoln County Clerk’s Office

New filings: 41 involving persons living outside Lincoln County.

Petitions for legal separation: 2 involving persons living outside Lincoln County.


Lincoln County Treasurer’s Office

Paul D. Douglas, Almira, to Paul D. Douglas and Jody C. Weeks, Almira – Lot 1, Douglas Short Plat, $0.

Wagon Wheel Investments LLP, Spokane, to Cody R. Walker, Snohomish, Wash. – property at 36325 Western Pines Drive North, Davenport (portion of southeast quarter of Sec. 35, T27N, R37E), $15,000.

Michael James Dormaier and Brenda Jo Dormaier, Edwall, to Marrisa Jo Dormaier, Edwall – portion of northeast quarter of Sec. 34, T24N, R39E, $0.

Debra Jean Frost, Vancouver, Wash., to The Frost Trust, Vancouver, Wash. – northeast quarter of Sec. 8, T26N, R38E, $0.

William H. Dreger, Wilbur, to Randy and Sylvia J. Laramie, Wilbur – property at 313 SE Trinity Avenue, Wilbur (Lots 9-16, Blk. 19, Thomison’s Addition to Town of Wilbur), $0.

Frank and Diana Braun, Fruitland, to Steven A. and Jill Marie Peak, Seven Bays – property at 127 Blossom Court, Seven Bays (Lot 27, Blk. 1, Airport Addition to Seven Bays), $260,000.

Thomas L. Luiten, Odessa, to Michael J. and LuAnn K. Harding, Odessa – property at 107 East 2nd Avenue, Odessa (south half of Lots 13-15, Blk. 29, Finney and Pattee’s Addition to Town of Odessa), $20,000.

Gregory J. Luiten and Debra L. Schafer, Odessa, to Thomas L. Luiten, Odessa – property at 1106 East Dobson Road, Odessa (portion of northwest quarter of Sec. 9, T21N, R33E), $40,000.

Casey J. and Dana M. Parrish, Almira, to Aaron W. and Hannah Hand, Edmonds, Wash. – property at 122 South 3rd Street, Almira (Lots 13-16, Blk. 29, Town of Almira), $170,000.

Jeffrey and Michelle Foley, Davenport, to Richard A. and Sara Wilkie, Davenport – property at 36425 Hart Road North, Davenport (portion of southwest quarter of Sec. 33, T27N, R37E), $362,000.

Teddy D. and Tiffany M. Aldous, Davenport, to Tyler and Kayla N. Snow, Davenport – property at 201 Eleventh Street, Davenport (Lots 1-3, Blk. 72, Essig’s Addition to Town, now City, of Davenport), $140,000.

David L. and Diane L. Oliver, Hartline, to Paul D. and Amy J. McArthur, Almira – property at 216 North 6th Street, Almira (Lots 1-5, Blk. 2, Original Addition to Town of Almira), $145,000.

J & K Miller Family Limited Partnership, Cheney, to Brian Scott Miller, Sprague – property in Sec. 24 and 25, T21N, R39E, $0.

Gary D. and J. Darlene Grimmett, Deer Meadows, to Donald A. Peters, Davenport – property at 42545 Buckhorn Road North, Deer Meadows (Lot 23, Deer Heights Plat No. 1) and 2009 27x52 mobile home, $202,000.

Patrick J. and Michele S. Moore, Nine Mile Falls, to Heath L. Gimmestad, Odessa – property at 1326 Pike Square, Seven Bays (Lot 26, Blk. 3, Plat 1 of Seven Bays), $83,000.


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