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Editor’s note: Most items in this section reflect the starting point for response by local police and emergency agencies. The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office does not release names of individuals who report possible criminal or suspicious activities to dispatchers or alleged victims for this column.

Monday, June 17: Deputies responded to the 300 block of North Third Street in Harrington where an individual allegedly placed a rifle on top of a vehicle during an argument with a neighbor. A woman was arrested on weapons-related charges and taken to the county jail.

Dispatchers were advised of two women arguing about the occupancy of premises in the 29700 block of Sunrise Lane East near Davenport.

Deputies responded to a report of a fight in Wilbur but could find no evidence to support it.

Responding to the 400 block of West Glover Street, Harrington ambulance personnel assisted a 54-year-old man experiencing chest pains. He was transported to Lincoln Hospital in Davenport.

Davenport ambulance personnel assisted a 71-year-old woman with breathing difficulty at a residence on Vista Drive North.

Tuesday, June 18: A deputy advised a man and woman who were “just talking” inside a garage on the grounds of the Lincoln County Historical Society Museum in Davenport that they should not be there.

A 40-year-old Spokane woman last seen camping with friends at the Two Rivers RV Park was reported missing by her mother, who told dispatchers she failed to return home as planned and was unable to be reached on her cell phone. The woman subsequently was located and described as “fine.”

Davenport ambulance personnel transported an 87-year-old man suffering from kidney stones from the 200 block of Main Street to Lincoln Hospital.

Deputies checked out a report of possible cruelty to animals in the Davenport area.

Deputies investigated what turned out to be an unfounded report of a possible sexual assault in the Creston area.

An Edwall caller said she was hit in the face during a domestic assault at a residence on Larrabee Street. Responding deputies placed a man into custody and transported him to the county jail.

Responding to the 600 block of West 4th Street, Sprague ambulance personnel transported a 62-year-old man whose medical pendant had activated to a Spokane hospital.

Wednesday, June 19: A resident of the 1100 block of Adams Street in Davenport told dispatchers that a tree-cutting firm had damaged a fence and promised to pay $200, but failed to do so.

Sixty hydrocodone pills were reported stolen from a residence in the 700 block of Brace Street in Wilbur.

Responding to the 1400 block of Morgan Street, Davenport ambulance personnel transported an 81-year-old woman who was dehydrated to Lincoln Hospital.

Dispatchers were advised of an illegal controlled burn in the vicinity of Maxwell and Third streets in Davenport.

Firefighters from Odessa and Adams County battled a field fire that threatened a residence south of Odessa in the vicinity of SR 21, Damon and Rehn roads.

A tree toppled in front of a house, creating a hazardous condition in the 9500 block of SR 231N near Sprague.

Dispatchers were advised that someone was shooting in the vicinity of Miles Creston and Hume roads northwest of Davenport. They informed the caller that shooting done safely is legal in the county jurisdiction.

Deputies investigated a rear-end collision on SR 174 just east of the Spring Canyon campground.

A caller reported seeing a man he had never noticed before riding a bicycle slowly in the vicinity of Fawn Lane and Deer Meadows Road. A responding deputy gave the man a lift to a mission in Spokane.

Dispatchers took a report of a white Corvette traveling at high speeds on Miles Creston Road near U.S. 2 and forcing other drivers off the roadway.

Phoning in a trespassing report from the 0 block of East 1st Street in Odessa, a caller expressed his concern about “a tall skinny male with long blond hair” in that location with “lighter fluid in his back pocket.”

Deputies were requested to deal with an unwanted individual who appeared to be living inside a van parked at the local mini-storage facility in the 900 block of East Main Avenue in Wilbur.

Dispatchers were advised that SR 231 near Devils Gap Road would be blocked by a semi-truck while a sports car was being loaded for shipping.

A burglary was reported at Vaughn Distributing, Inc., on SE Bell Street in Wilbur. Locks had been cut to gain access.

Thursday, June 20: A caller said someone continually yells at him while he worked on a street improvement project on SW Railroad Avenue and SW Broadway Street in Wilbur over the past few weeks. A responding deputy told the suspect to stay away from the work site.

A collision involving two vehicles was reported on Welch Creek Road near its intersection with Miles Creston Road. A caller said he had been passed by the other vehicle in a reckless manner. After both turned onto Welch Creek, he continued, the other car suddenly stopped, went into reverse and hit the caller’s vehicle, damaging the license plate holder. A responding deputy stopped the suspect vehicle on Underwood Canyon Road with rear-end damage.

A caller reported potentially risky burning being done on Sunrise Lane East near Davenport, with flames between four and five feet tall in an area surrounded by pine needles with winds increasing and possibly no water nearby.

Dispatchers were advised of a 74-year-old woman having difficulty breathing at a residence on Coyote Heights Road North in the Odessa area. She was transported to Odessa Memorial Hospital.

Deputies investigated a possible trespassing incident at the HighLine Grain Growers/Ritzville Warehouse facility on North E Street in Sprague. The older couple involved explained they were collecting spilled grain for birds and told they were welcome to do so.

Responding to the 200 block of South 2nd Street in Odessa, deputies dealt with a 27-year-old woman who had threatened to harm herself. Her case was referred to local mental health personnel.

An explosion is believed the cause after residents along Miles Creston Road discovered pieces of two mailboxes, along with mail, scattered up to 50 feet away.

Friday, June 21: Davenport firefighters responded to a report of a fence and grass ablaze in the 200 block of Eleventh Street, across from the city pound. The fire originated during the previous night.

Davenport Family Foods personnel told dispatchers they saw seven vehicles pass on the right at Morgan and Sixth streets while other vehicles were waiting to make a left turn.

Deputies investigated a report of possible date rape in the Davenport area.

Odessa firefighters responded to a fire near grain tanks adjacent to SR 28 about three miles west of the town.

Deputies checked out a possible animal cruelty incident in the 600 block of West 3rd Street in Sprague, where tethers on dogs became tangled and there was no food or water nearby.

A deputy caught up with a man and his 3-year-old daughter who were seen in the vicinity of Davenport’s US Bank with a basket from the local Safeway store. The man promised he would return the “borrowed” basket to the store.

A cat reportedly was locked inside a vehicle parked in the 2100 block of Northpoint Court in Seven Bays.

Saturday, June 22: Sprague ambulance personnel were sent to the scene of a one-vehicle rollover collision on Interstate 90.

Six people and a dog were aboard a boat that stalled while on Lake Roosevelt between Lincoln and Keller Ferry.

Deputies investigated a possible violation of a protection order at a residence on Pine Tree Lane near Creston, where a caller reported seeing the restrained individual and barricaded herself inside because she was concerned for her safety.

Reported gunshots in the vicinity of Third and Willis streets in Harrington turned out to be noise from an air compressor and a nail gun being used by a contractor working in the area.

Two vehicles collided at the intersection of West Summit Avenue and South Oak Street in Reardan.

Sprague emergency personnel were called to the 400 block of West 1st Street after a man told dispatchers he was unable to awake his 69-year-old wife from a day-long sleep.

Two deputies helped quiet a verbal disturbance, with alcohol involved, in the 100 block of Spring Canyon Road.

Sunday, June 23: An off-duty deputy successfully unlocked a vehicle in which a 1½-year-old boy was trapped in the 300 block of West 4th Street in Sprague.

A flatbed pickup truck lost a wheel and ended up partly in a ditch adjacent to SR 25 about 18 miles north of Davenport.

A caller reported finding a dead hog tied to a tree on property downstream from the bridge on Lewis Bridge Road outside of Wilbur.

Firefighters from Sprague joined others from Spokane to battle a fire in the vicinity of the Barr-Tech compost and recycling center near Kallenberger Road North in the Sprague area. Dozers were used to bury the fire.


June 17: Marlie Lyman Rose, 29, Harrington, arrested by Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) for illegal possession of a dangerous weapon, displaying or carrying a weapon with intent to intimidate, and driving while license suspended.

June 18: Logan Christopher McCarthy, 25, Edwall, arrested by LCSO for fourth-degree assault.

June 19: Travis Scott Walters, 24, Lamont, arrested by LCSO for a felony controlled substance violation and driving while license suspended.

June 20: Gregory Eugene Sutton, 37, Spokane, arrested by LCSO on an out-of-county warrant, driving while license suspended and an ignition interlock violation.

June 22: Robert Lloyd Olson, 48, Davenport, arrested by LCSO for driving while license suspended.

Donald Lee Scheidt, 65, Ashford, Wash., arrested by Washington State Patrol for violating a no-contact order.

June 23: Michael Ray Perazzo, 32, Evans, Wash., arrested by LCSO for driving while license suspended.

Samantha Nicole Quick, 27, Grand Rapids, Mich., arrested by LCSO for driving under the influence.

An additional eight individuals were held in the Lincoln County Jail under contract with the Washington State Department of Corrections.


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