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The Times Past

Ten Years Ago (2010) Thanks to unseasonably warm temperatures during the past week, many local streams have been running at near capacity levels, including Cottonwood Creek in Davenport’s downtown city park. The water level is... — Updated 2/25/2020


Harrington swamps Odessa; Land taxes; 54 sent to draft board; Highway 21

100 years ago The Odessa Record January 18, 1920 News updates: Harrington swamped Odessa, 25 to 3, in basketball. Charles Cone is reinstated on the team and it is expected that the... — Updated 1/25/2020


Odessa was growing fast; revitilization followed

100 years ago The Odessa Record January 11, 1920 News updates: Connie Schlimmer and Miss Hattie Schorzman returned from Wenatchee to announce their marriage there on New Year's... — Updated 1/18/2020


Kissler awarded silver star; town hall for sale; outlook for new year stated

100 years ago The Odessa Record January 4, 1920 News updates: D. E. Schimke caught the burglar that entered three Odessa business houses. He was sleeping in the old Salsburg elevato... — Updated 1/18/2020


Shops closed for Christmas, easy win for Tiger basketball, Lamona briefs

100 years ago The Odessa Record December 28, 1919 News updates: Christmas business in Odessa was the best in years, even with a shortage of some lines of merchandise. Postmaster Sch... — Updated 1/18/2020


100, 75, 50 and 25 year history for Odessa

100 years ago The Odessa Record December 21, 1919 News updates: Odessa high school won its second start of the debate series by winning from Wenatchee high school. Helen Michaelsen, William Huber and Frank Schy were the team. The... — Updated 1/18/2020


This Week in Odessa History Record cold temps, soldiers home for holidays

100 years ago The Odessa Record December 14, 1919 News updates: Temperatures dropped to 25 degrees below zero, the coldest on record since Jan. 19, 1913, when it dropped to 19 below. The government order to cut down train service... — Updated 12/15/2019


Football, wrestling and doomed cesspools

100 years ago The Odessa Record December 7, 1919 News updates: Weber, Schimke and Schatz as councilmen and Reiman as treasurer were elected without a dissenting vote at the city election. A blizzard, followed by zero weather, hit... — Updated 12/6/2019


Football team wins district, lawsuit dismissed, south hill annexation

100 years ago The Odessa Record November 16, 1919 News updates: Odessa had a quiet Armistice day, as contrasted to the noisy one of last year when news came that the war had ended. The town closed for the day and the school for... — Updated 11/15/2019


Halloween celebrated through the years in Odessa; other odds and ends

100 years ago The Odessa Record November 2, 1919 News updates: Halloween activities included a public gathering at the English Congregational church with booths for fortune telling,... — Updated 11/4/2019


Airport possible, homecoming, first helicopter landing, Black Wolf rides in

100 years ago The Odessa Record October 26, 1919 News updates: Sunday morning at 2 o’clock the clocks of the nation will be moved back one hour, the end of the daylight saving time, started last March. Odessa contribute 11 of... — Updated 10/30/2019


Trial reset, death takes pioneer, helipad, Odessa native major role at Metropolitan Opera

100 years ago The Odessa Record October 19, 1919 News updates: Lt. Symons took eight persons above the clouds while here with his airplane. Al Wagner made the first ride, followed by Fred Heimbigner, D. H. Simpson and little... — Updated 10/17/2019


Small-town news; Lamona accident; Lake Creek H2O

This week’s installment of Odessa’s history includes information from both the first and second weeks of October (since we missed putting in a history column last week). 100 years ago The Odessa Record October 12, 1919 News upd... — Updated 10/14/2019


Fall festivals, school funding, flood map controversy, Chamber wants farmers

100 years ago The Odessa Record September 28, 1919 News updates: Attorney Nevins will manage the Salvation Army drive for Odessa, to raise $4,000 in a two-day campaign. Although Odessa businessmen have contracted twice for an... — Updated 10/3/2019


Fall activities include elections, festivals and general small-town life

100 years ago The Odessa Record September 21, 1919 Odessa students at Washington State college include Eva Martin, Doris Ganson, Will Geissler, Clifford Patton, Eardley Glass, Joe Weik and Orlou Ganson. Madeline O’Leary and... — Updated 9/19/2019


Fall festival preparation, LC fair results, start of new school year

100 years ago The Odessa Record September 7, 1919 News updates: R.M. Kelly and F.J. Geissler have returned from the good roads convention at Yakima and will make their report at the next meeting of the commercial club. Alex Cook... — Updated 9/10/2019


Fall festival predated D-Fest; rehydration; back-to-school through the years

100 years ago The Odessa Record August 31, 1919 News updates: A Houston tourist passed through this week with a specially built automobile. He had purchased a chassis and on it had built an enclosure into which he had built all... — Updated 9/1/2019 Full story


Lions build cemetery fence, fisherman drowns, teen dies in car wreck

100 years ago The Odessa Record August 24, 1919 News updates: Odessa schools will open on September 1, with 12 teachers, seven of them new. E. R. Jinnette, recently of Reardan, is... — Updated 8/23/2019


Bus service, hot temps, harvest wrapping up, new doc in town, Fest prep

100 years ago The Odessa Record August 3, 1919 News updates: That fellow started something when he suggested Nemo as a good banishing point for Kaiser Bill. Now comes Guy Harvey with the suggestion that he be sent to Waukesha, and... — Updated 8/5/2019


Whimsy from 100 years ago, moon landing in 1969, heat wave in 1994

100 years ago The Odessa Record July 27, 1919 News updates: A poultry salesman has been making the area, selling his product at $5.00 a gallon. The spray has proved unreliable. A railroad man that has been working at Nemo says he k... — Updated 7/24/2019


Harvest outlook through the years; softball tournament results recorded

100 years ago The Odessa Record July 17, 1919 News updates: Harvest has started in the south area and winter wheat is running from 20 to 27 bushels per acre, with tests from 55 to 60 pounds. About 50 former Odessa people gathered... — Updated 7/24/2019


This Week in Odessa History

100 years ago The Odessa Record July 10, 1919 News updates: John Trejbal and daughter, Emily, returned Saturday from Chicago, where Mr. Trejbal underwent a vain operation to... — Updated 7/12/2019 Full story


This Week in Odessa History July 4 plans set, baseball players still off at war, grasshoppers at Batum

100 years ago The Odessa Record June 20, 1919 News updates: Mrs. F. G. Jasmann and Eddie are moving at Spokane. The English Congregational ladies’ aid went to Marlin to enjoy their regular social session as guests of Mrs. E. J.... — Updated 7/4/2019


This Week in Odessa History

100 years ago The Odessa Record June 13, 1919 News updates: The AIG Barnes Shows yesterday brought one of the biggest crowds to Odessa in recent years. The circus was late in arriving and children were informed that they would be h... — Updated 7/4/2019


Old lady has accident, Air Wacs needed, sewer project, landdfill engineers fired

100 years ago The Odessa Record May 9, 1919 Ladies aid entertains husbands: The Ladies Aid of the English Congregational church entertained their husbands at the church parlors Wedn... — Updated 5/13/2019 Full story


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